How to make perfectly fluffy white rice in a pot on the stove

fluffy white rice

A couple of years prior, I didn’t have the foggiest idea how to make fluffy white rice. That is to say, I realized how to cook rice in a rice cooker, similar to each Asian child I know, yet beside that, I was dumbfounded. A rice cooker removes all the speculating from cooking rice: you utilize the gave cup, add water to the line as per how much rice you added, press the catch and blast.

The lone issue is; you may not generally have a rice cooker. Since everybody’s essentially stuck at home and looking for ledge machines is impossible, even on Amazon, possibly it’s an ideal opportunity to figure out how to cook rice. It’s the ideal wash room staple thus, so natural to make.

fluffy white rice

Step by step instructions to cook Japanese rice on the stove

Here’s the means by which you do it: choose how much rice you need. I’d say from one quarter to a large portion of a cup uncooked rice for each individual. For both of us, I generally make a cup, which makes around 3 cups cooked. Any additional rice is simply flown into the cooler.

After you measure out the rice, put it in a pot with a tight fitting cover. Add water – 1/4 cup for at any point cup of rice you’re making, at that point heat everything to the point of boiling over medium warmth. At the point when the water and rice reach boiling point, turn the warmth down to the barest stew and cover with the top. Allow the rice to cook for 17 minutes, no looking.

Instructions to cook fluffy white rice completely without fail

At the point when the 17 minutes are up, allowed the rice to rest for 10 minutes, without opening the top, and when the time is up, it’s an ideal opportunity to cushion and eat!

I love soft white rice with orange chicken, simple teriyaki chicken, or ginger hamburger and onion pan sear. SO GOOD.

fluffy white rice