Describe one of your grandparent’s job cue card

Thanks for giving me such an interesting topic. Well! Old person are like books with full of experiences. They have vast knowledge to describe us. We should talk to them in free time and also get time free to do this. I know many old people, whom I meet. But here I would like to talk about my grandparent. What they had done in there time or what was their job. I have seen many old people but I have never meet someone who as fit as my grandfather in that age.

Furthermore, He wake up early morning, daily. He used to walk at 4.a.m in the morning, daily. And we found him in the field at 5 a.m. He was a teacher and he used to taught math subject at that time. His teaching style was amazing and he also teach many times this subject. All his students was good in that subject whatever he teach because his teaching skill was amazing. Moreover, it was he who introduce the world of books. He told me so many stories that how India was fought for our independence. His vast knowledge is astonished me a lot. Describe one of your grandparent’s job cue card

He never pretend that he is old and he always ready to help others. He has very good leadership skills too. However, my grandfather worked as a farmer for long time and he also told me the value of doing things by self. He is source of information for youth and I love my grandfather a lot.