The only reason people work hard is to earn more money. There are no other reasons to do it. To what extent do you agree or disagree.


It is a universal truth that people born with the purpose and they have to work hard in order to realize those purposes they born with. However, Many adepts asserts that the only reason people work hard is to earn more money only. However, My inclination discord the statement, and can be support by the following arguments.

To commence with, it is an evident that as the world economy has grown, the standard of living has been improved a lot. Urbanization and globalization has worked as a fuel in the fire behind the increased consumerism in the human life. Now, in the competition of availing luxury to the life, many people work hard and survey depicts that the rate of people with the goal of high earning is quite a high. However, every coinage has two sides.

If we think in the broader view, we will find there are many other people who have different aims in their life rather earning money. There are many athletes and artists who work hard to earn the respect for their nation.For instance, Ms. P.V. Sindhu has out her immense efforts to earn a silver medal during the RIO olympic 2016. There are many artists like A.R. Rehman who had work hard to get recognition of our nation on world map.

Nonetheless, History of mankind can depict many examples of hard work to serve the humanity. There are many people who have stake their life behind several noble causes.To exemplify, Mahatma gandhi and other martyrs who fought hard for the freedom of India. Mother teresa who revered her work for the poor in India. There is endless list of such idols in history and many more are even existed today. One of the great example is Sri sri ravishankar who is considered as an humanitarian, spiritual leader and ambassador of peace.

By summing up all above arguments, We can say that money is the source of survival and luxury but It is considered to be slightly overrated saying that nowadays earning money is remained the only goal of people behind hard work.