The only reason people work hard is to earn more money. There are no other reasons to do it. To what extent do you agree or disagree.

It is a generally accepted fact that individuals brought into the world with the reason and they need to buckle down to understand those reasons they brought into the world with. Nonetheless, Many adepts states that the lone explanation individuals buckle down is to bring in more cash as it were. Notwithstanding, My tendency friction the assertion, and can be uphold by the accompanying contentions.

To initiate with, it is an apparent that as the world economy has developed, the way of life has been improved a ton. Urbanization and globalization has functioned as a fuel in the fire behind the expanded industrialism in the human existence. Presently, in the opposition of profiting extravagance to the life, numerous individuals try sincerely and review portrays that the pace of individuals with the objective of high acquiring is a serious high. Be that as it may, each money has different sides.

On the off chance that we think in the more extensive view, we will discover there are numerous others who have various points in their day to day existence rather bringing in cash. There are numerous competitors and craftsmen who endeavor to procure the regard for their nation.For occurrence, Ms. P.V. Sindhu has out her huge endeavors to procure a silver award during the RIO olympic 2016. There are numerous specialists like A.R. Rehman who had endeavor to get acknowledgment of our country on world guide.

In any case, History of humankind can portray numerous instances of difficult work to serve the mankind. There are numerous individuals who have stake their life behind a few honorable causes.To epitomize, Mahatma gandhi and different saints who contended energetically for the opportunity of India. Mother teresa who loved her work for the poor in India. There is interminable rundown of such icons in history and a lot more are even existed today. One of the extraordinary model is sri ravishankar who is considered as a compassionate, profound pioneer and diplomat of harmony.

By summarizing every above contention, We can say that cash is the wellspring of endurance and extravagance however It is viewed as somewhat misrepresented saying that these days bringing in cash is stayed the solitary objective of individuals behind difficult work.