Montblanc – $1,978,500 Fountain Pen recognizing the Great Wall

Each year about this point I eagerly anticipate a replacement Montblanc High Artistry edition writing instrument collection, the brand’s annual opportunity to actually boast its multi-layered artisanal talents. For a brand like Montblanc, with an enormous following of loyal fans, it might be easy enough to phone something in and ride on its decades-long reputation for creating “must-have” pens. But this has never been the case with Montblanc, which seemingly cherishes every opportunity to reinforce its oeuvre and expand its proficiencies, particularly within the realm of High Artistry.

This year’s art is a tribute to the good Wall of China takes on a monumental task: thousands of years of history to proclaim on the canvas of a Montblanc writing instrument. Thoughtful editing and masterful design made it possible, leading to five distinct edition fountain pens, each a testament to big facets of Chinese culture.

Artistic director Zaim Kamal says the Tribute to the good Wall of China is “a culmination of storytelling.” then it’s. The pens also feature extraordinary details, including the utilization of miniaturization (note the musical box and Paris-sourced hand-done embroidery), and tactility that bring the story to life.

Limited Edition 1

The most exclusive of the gathering, this magnificent pen may be a unique piece in every sense of the word. it’s inspired by traditional Ming artwork, and its colourful display makes it both historically accurate and visually satisfying. The yellow gold cap is of about 18 carat barrel which depicts the locale for the mystery dragon, which is sculpturally animated amidst a sea of sapphires, rubies, tourmaline and diamonds.

A 4.69-carat brilliant-cut diamond crowns the pen, seemingly held instead of by a dragon’s claws, while a Chinese guardian lion is engraved on the 18-karat movable clip. A miniature musical box resides within the cone of the pen, its chiming melody an aural delight.

As for the musical box, Kamal was trying to find nothing but just the proper size, sound, intensity and, of course, melody, and a Swiss automata craftsman was ultimately chosen to satisfy the exacting requirements. I had a chance to concentrate to its serenade, and that I found it dreamlike and soothing—perfect to inspire great writing.

Limited Edition 5

This pen draws attention to the Ming, a period during which Chinese art and culture unfolded. Cloisonné and champlevé enamelling techniques were wont to create the colourful decorations on the cap and barrel of the pen, like Ming painted vases. The pen cap is skeletonized and hand-carved from top opens to reveal a brilliant-cut diamond about 1.8 carat.

The revolving barrel ring is crafted from Kalahari jasper.

The cone of the pen possess a calligraphy brush produced by Chinese craftsmen and stabilized by translucent lacquer. it’s going to be exchanged for a functional calligraphy brush, thereby bestowing dual purpose for the pen and emphasizing the importance of calligraphy to Chinese culture. during this way et al., the pens are “a bridge between East and West,” as per what Kamal said.

Limited Edition 10

This pen draws special attention to the craft of silk embroidery in recognition of the legendary Silk Road, which was so crucial to trade. Handcrafted gold embroidery decorates the barrel, depicting the good Wall from the Han. Mother-of-pearl, another material transported along the Silk Road, decorates the cap with subtle regard to the Han royal burial shrouds.

The cap is crowned with Montblanc’s interpretation of a calligraphy inkpot: it’s covered by sapphire glass and houses the Montblanc emblem in white Teflon surrounded by a liquid semblance of ink. And while this might appear to be alittle detail, not so, says Kamal.

“The maison exists due to ink,” he affirms.

Here, too, the cone holds a calligraphy brush, this point encircled by black sapphires and diamonds. The Au 750 solid champagne-ton gold clip with a wood inlay, decorated with Chinese symbols, is like the narrow bamboo strips that scribes wont to write or draw on.

Limited Edition 88

The founding father of the Qin dynasty and therefore the first emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang, deemed that in situ of the several small walls, one long one would be constructed to defend the empire. This pen barrel is made from 18 carat alloy, is inspired by the armour of the soldiers who defended the Chinese Empire.

Limited Edition Meisterstuck Skeleton LE 333

Symbolic of the way the good Wall winds protectively around China, the 18-karat yellow gold overlay on this edition coils round the Meisterstück 149 pen. The architecture of pen has nine dragons below which may be a rich red underlay, whose color represents fire, happiness, good luck and fortune in Chinese culture.

The 18 carat gold yellow nib disclosed an engraving of a tower, which is inspired by the signal towers of the good Wall, while the Montblanc emblem in mother-of-pearl title the highest of the cap.