MOOREBOT SCOUT – AI-powered Camera-on-Wheel Robot

Scout is that the world-first autonomous home robot for intelligent monitoring. Equipped with many advanced sensors and AI algorithms, Scout is a perfect assistant for home monitoring with no blind spot. Its capabilities include visual perception, voice control via Amazon Alexa, and monocular SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping).

There isn’t an excessive amount of that hasn’t already been wiped out the smart camera market. Their architecture is smaller, clearer, and, yes, smarter than any than ever. But the Moorebot Scout has one feature that creates it stand out from the crowd: four-wheel drive.

The Scout consists of a 1080p camera with night-sight and two-way audio support mounted to a wheeled chassis measuring just 2.8 x 4 x 4.3 inches. Because of its tiny size should be able to roll into the tightest spaces. Even more intriguing: the camera’s integrated AI renders it autonomous—it can operate without human intervention.

This on-wheel gadget is controlled by a 1.2GHz quad-core ARM CPU, 1GB of DDR III memory, 4GB of non-volatile storage, a dual-band Wi-Fi adapter, a set of sensors, and a Simultaneous localization and Mapping (SLAM) algorithm for navigation. The Scout can patrol the inside of your home, recording video clips in response to sound or motion in its vicinity. Video are often stored onboard, sent to the cloud, or streamed to a sensible display.

The Scout can avoid obstacles and return to its charging cradle every few hours to refill its battery—much sort of a robot vacuum. It can even be programmed to automatically follow moving objects, whether it’s the family cat or an intruder. It is often manually controlled with a mobile app.

Moorebot also offers an easy-to-use modular programing language, Scratch, that owners can use to customize the Scout to their liking, making it an academic tool for learning the way to code. “Scout’s applications range from an intelligent manufactured home camera, a pet companion, a surveillance tool for the handyman, and an inspiring, modern learning toy for teenagers,” said Moorebot CEO Jun Ye.

The Moorbot Scout are going to be priced at $179 when it launches within the early spring on Amazon. We’re certainly intrigued and appearance forward to getting our hands on a review unit within the next few months. Stay tuned.