Inner Work by Aruna


The inner work of conflict resolution is to observe and identify the ways in which we approach conflict and to enhance our awareness of how we behave in any conflict situation. The more we can understand ourselves, the more we will be able to understand others. Since our attitudes, feelings and emotions trigger our actions, it is important to understand this intricate connection. Once we can understand the root cause of our conflicts, they will all become easier to manage. Inner work is about being ready, willing and open to learning new behaviors and new approaches. It’s about building new attitudes towards situations, creating new perspectives and a new vision for all parties concerned. In any conflict situation it’s very easy to blame others and to not take up our own end of the responsibility. Inner work is about taking that personal responsibility and to take charge of our life. Once we do this, we empower ourselves and become masters of the situation. We are no longer waiting for the other party to change, or for them to fix the situation so that we can be happy. Inner work is about accepting our differences. Each person brings to the table their own set of ideas, attitudes, beliefs, values, perceptions, feelings, experiences, memories, judgments etc. Differences are likely to occur and are part of our everyday life. When a conflict situation happens, each individual sees the conflict from their own perspective. This does not mean that one person’s view is correct and the other is not: it simply means that there two different viewpoints. Awareness of our deep-rooted sanskars (personality traits) and understanding the different ways that ‘Maya’ (inner negative tendencies) emerges them, is also one of the fundamental steps in dealing with and resolving conflict. Inner work is also about having deep, concentrated meditation, the sort that burns our impurities. When we return to a purer state of being, we will have fewer differences and fewer conflicts