Digital Humanities graduate program at University of Alberta

Digital Humanities

The MA in Digital Humanities is a program in Media and Technology Studies. The Program incorporates computational techniques and hypotheses with exploration and instructing in the Liberal Arts. It tends to the interest for Arts graduates, capable in figuring abilities, to work either in the domain of humanities, sociologies, and expressive arts exploration and instructing, or in different areas of the digital economy.

Understudies study DH and its hidden advancements as they are utilized in controls like history, writing, dialects, social investigations, reasoning, music, and visual expressions. The point is to show how registering empowers and changes exploration and instructing, and to give specialized information through active involvement in creation, conveyance, and investigation of electronic content and non-text based information and pictures.

MA in DH is done in both; with or without a specialization. Spaces of specialization include:

Linguistics, modern languages and cultural studies, music, philosophy, political science, religious studies, sociology, gender and social justice, history and classics; library and information studies, anthropology; art and design; drama, east asian studies; english and film studies.

Entrance Requirements

Candidates should meet the base passageway necessities for the DH Program and the space of specialization of the taking part division. Where pertinent, a base TOEFL score, dictated by the taking an interest division, will be required. Cutoff time for applications for those applying to taking an interest division in a space of specialization is December 1; candidates to the Individualized Program should contact the Graduate Programs Assistant at [email protected] for the application cutoff time dates, which change by office. Applications should be shipped off the Graduate Programs Assistant, Digital Humanities Program, c/o Media and Technology Studies, Room 1-22 Humanities Center, Faculty of Arts. Applications are first assessed by the Graduate Committee in the Digital Humanities Program and, if fruitful at that stage, sent to the taking part division for its survey cycle if the candidate demands a specialization in a taking an interest office.

The DH program tends to a few diverse PC based advancements. It doesn’t need past experience in these, yet offers courses to help understudies in acquiring the ideal scope of specialized abilities.

Financial Assistance

Taking part offices may think about candidates for graduate assistantships. Digital Humanities yearly gives a set number of graduate examination assistantships.

Graduate understudies are additionally qualified for different University partnerships and bursaries. Counsel the Faculty of Graduate Studies site for subtleties.

Graduate Program Requirements

Graduate Courses

Courses related to digital humanities can be found in Course Listings, under the heading Digital Humanities (DH).