What is China’s Spy Ship Strategy doing to India’s security?


Despite security concerns, the controversial Chinese trucking vessel Yuan wang5 has docked at Sri Lanka’s Habanero port. India has expressed its concerns.

That class of vessel, known as a satellite tracking vessel, is operated by the Chinese military and can be used to monitor satellite rocket and ballistic missile launches.

abilities for gathering There is no denying that the yuan Guang represents the Chinese military and that it poses a threat to India. This vessel can be used to spy on multiple strategic assets in India.

On the 16th of august 2022 a Chinese vessel named Huang wang5 was given clearance by Colombo port to enter the hambun data port in Sri Lanka ever since this vessel docked in Sri Lanka and now is serving the Indian ocean India has raised some serious concerns over this move both by Sri Lanka and china why because this ship is technically a spy ship that could be used to spy. How and why is China using its spy ship strategy to dominate the Indian Ocean, finally, what are the study materials to help you understand China’s master plan to dominate geopolitics in the twenty-first century? But before we dive into this detailed episode, I’d like to thank our partners and that is et money.

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The first thing you need to understand is the strategic importance of the Hambantota port and why China loves it so much. If you look at the map, this sports location is at the southern extremity of Sri Lanka, overlooking South Asia’s white hill ceilings, and this makes it an important commercial asset for China. These roads through Hamburg data are used by 36 000 ships, including 4500 oil tankers.

China gave Sri Lanka a 307-million-dollar loan with the condition that only Chinese companies and Chinese workers would build it and charged an exorbitant interest rate of 6.3% compared to global standards of one to 2%, but when this port was built, it was so unviable that by 2016 it had accumulated losses of 300 million dollars by this time, Sri Lanka’s economic condition had deteriorated.

what is the military significance of Hamburg port for both India and China?

First, Haman tota provides China with very close access to the strait of Malacca, and as I have mentioned a dozen times, the state of Malacca is an important choke point from which more than half of China’s oil and goods pass, so because of the US-China tensions, if the US tries to choke this point at any time, China needs to have a strong hold over this region of the ocean, and Haman tota being so close to this brings us to the shady claims of the Chinese.¬†

China has repeatedly stated that the sole purpose of this ship is to monitor and track its satellite and that Beijing does not wish to harm any other country. However, the shady aspect of this situation is that these ships are not operated or controlled by the China National Space Administration but are instead directly operated by the Chinese navy and placed under the direct command of the People’s Liberation Army Strategic Support Force.

Second, this ship is no ordinary ship; it is an extraordinary vessel with a displacement of more than 25 000 tonnes and a slew of powerful instruments such as radars, antennas, and sensors that could be used for both civilian and military purposes. In terms of aerial reach, it has an extraordinary reach of up to 750 kilometres, which means that when docked at hambun tota, it can reach three of our important ports: Chennai, Cochin, and Tuticorin. China first does a favour and then returns to gain access to an important region controlled by that particular country. Similarly, in December 2021, China gifted a main-class diesel electric somewhere in Myanmar and now they are developing a multi-billion-dollar deep-sea port in quake viewport in Myanmar and the same thing has also been going on on the other side of the ocean. Rail projects, highway projects, and hydro projects

Ports and even fibre optic cables run from Pakistan to China, and just like in Pakistan, you will see Chinese roads, coal power plants, railways, airports, housing complexes, and a lot more in Sri Lanka, so you see this way after doing big favours for our neighbouring countries.

China is ruling out phase two of the string of pearl strategy, in which China would use these favours to pressurise these countries and gain access to the Indian Ocean, eventually spying on India’s most important regions. So, this fight ship arrival at Hambantota is just one of many many arrivals that are yet to happen in Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Myanmar.

Apart from that, while sailing, it will be able to collect critical data about the Indian Ocean that can be used during wartime, such as water salinity, ocean temperature, sound wave propagation in water, and so on. By the way, this spy ship docking is just one of the many many moves that China has made in the last two years, and according to data, it has nearly sent 53 surveillance ships into various parts of the world in the last two years.

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