Europe Openly Attacks the US for Profiting from the Ukraine War


What Vladimir Putin has been laboring over the past few months has, at long last, been completed, and the information is now in the public domain.

It is between the United States and Europe this time, and it is a big one that cannot be hidden under the rug or underplayed. It is what it is, you see Europe has stopped playing nice and obedient it is now playing offense and Washington is not liking the new attitude at all. The alliance that has been helping Ukraine fight the war is split right down the middle. That’s really what brought out an explosion of volcanic discontent among Washington’s European allies. The tensions have been simmering for months now and the root cause is the United States charging Europe exorbitant rates for natural gas. A little bit at the core of the tensions between the United States and Europe is the inflation reduction Act.

The biggest point of contention between Washington Brussels and European capitals has been Biden’s inflation reduction Act you’re obsessed that the climate legislation unfairly tills trade away from the EU and threatens to destroy European Industries. European officials are furious with the Biden Administration and now accuse the Americans of making a fortune from the war while EU countries suffer. There’s another major problem that’s been plaguing European governments, and that’s the fact that the United States has been charging astronomically higher costs for natural gas to European countries. The cost of petrol in Europe is almost four times as much as it is in the United States, where identical fuel is sold.

European buyers who are desperate for gas have no choice but to pay the astronomical rates that are being asked of them, a European official was quoted as saying that the country that is most profiting from this war is the United States because they are selling more gas at higher prices and because they are selling more weapons.

The official continued by issuing a caution to the United States, noting that we are indeed at a historic juncture. These sentiments have been supported by officials, diplomats, and ministers all around Europe illustrating the depth of frustration within the Block of the EU’s foreign policy the United States has to know that public opinion is shifting in many EU nations. Chief also complained that Americans are friends, but they take decisions that have an economic impact on us. He called on Washington to address European concerns, but Washington is rather content with the way things are going, and it has rejected the EU’s complaints. Chief also complained that Americans take decisions that have an economic impact on us.

France and Germany, two of Europe’s most important players, are both upset with the United States. According to a representative for Biden’s National Security Council, the rise in gas prices in Europe is caused by Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and Putin’s energy war in Europe period. The President of France, Emmanuel Macron, has stated that the high gas prices in the United States are not friendly, and the Economy Minister of Germany has urged the United States to demonstrate greater solidarity and assist in lowering energy prices. For many in Europe, the transatlantic alliance with the United States is beginning to get untenable. One EU Diplomat said the inflation reduction act has changed everything. We’ve already covered gas prices and the inflation reduction act so far, but that’s not all. Europe is also riled up by the money laundering scandals.

Because Europe’s reserve inventories of weapons and ammunition have been significantly depleted as a result of the transfer of weapons and ammunition to Ukraine, the American military industry is prepared to have some very successful years in the years to come. He’s been yearning for this fight among friends for months, and NATO hasn’t failed him. Do you think the Europe-U.S. relationship is headed for a major crisis? Putin can also see the fissures in the Western Alliance.

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