A Visit to the World’s Tallest Statue – Statue of Unity

Statue of Unity

When I was given the opportunity to visit the Statue of Unity, the world’s tallest statue, my interest was piqued! Is it going to live up to the hype? Or will I be underwhelmed by it? After the visit, I have to admit that I was really impressed!

Gujarat Tourism Board invited me to visit the state during the International Kite Festival in January of this year. During the kite festival, I was fortunate enough to visit the Statue of Unity, which is dedicated to Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel and offers once-in-a-lifetime photo opportunities! Sardar Patel is credited with bringing India’s post-independence political integration to fruition.Statue of Unity

The scope of the project was, of course, the first thing that struck me. People are very proud of how the work was done, the determination of the people who worked on it, and the technological challenges that were overcome! Sardar’s statue is the world’s tallest at 182 metres!

The infrastructure surrounding the statue wowed me. Escalators, high-speed lifts, selfie spots, restrooms, cafes, and more are all available. Not only the monument, but the whole city has been designed to be worthy of the world’s tallest statue.

Statue of Unity

The sparkling memorial attracts a large number of schoolchildren. Since childhood, they have had access to world-class facilities and infrastructure in their own backyard. I hope they have greater aspirations of the nation than previous generations did!

At 153 metres, I went to the viewing gallery. The statue’s jacket features jalis that include a panoramic view of the Sardar Sarovar dam and the Narmada River. I went there in the middle of the day, when the sun was shining brightly. The photographer in me needs to go at 6 p.m. to see it because the light would be so much better!

At the base of the statue is a high-tech, interactive museum. I was unable to devote much time due to a lack of time. However, it has a gleaming and elegant look!

In Kevadia, I stayed at Tent City. I was constantly contrasting them because I had also lived in the Rann of Kutch Tent City! I have to remain in both of them because they have their own distinct characteristics and provide a relaxing environment.

Statue of Unity

My group was able to visit the Valley of Flowers as well as the Narmada Dam viewing area, which were both enjoyable additions to the tour.

Some argue that the money invested on the Statue of Unity may have been better spent elsewhere. I believe my country has seen more heinous frauds than this! I am pleased to see a world-class project in my own country, and I hope that the project will help the surrounding region.