Some people believe that children should be given lessons on how to manage money in the school. do you agree or disagree?


Contemporary school curriculum includes enormous ethical and moral values along with teaching about various life skills. While some individuals deem that lectures ought to be provided regarding proper allocation of finance in classrooms, others do not think so. This essay will distinctly enunciates innumerable reasons why guidance related to management of financial resources will be beneficial for learners.

Managing money is a crucial life skill owing to its extraordinary importance in the materialistic world. Learning significant advantages and methods of proper utilization at an early age will definitely help to diminish the problems in future. Moreover, lessons on how financial resources should be utilized will give a prerequisite knowledge for overcoming great challenges of life. Information about basic terminologies of money and methods of investment escalates interest of children. Consequently, wastage of money can minimize up to some extent. The empirical evidence from mintel, the research organization shows that despite mental pressure and burden of studies, children attend money management lectures and their enthusiasm reaches its zenith.

Receiving valuable lectures will support to alleviate the expenditure and demands by teenagers. Children often have extraordinary demands from their parents due to their susceptible behavior for the things which are not essential for them and therefore delivering seminars related to importance of money and its proper allocation will help to mitigate the expenditures and unsuitable demands. In addition to this, children will understand the diligence done by their parents to earn a comfortable lifestyle and hence improve the relationships. For example, a survey was conducted based on 1000 people found that proportion who look for special management life skills classes had climbed from 43 % in 2015 to 56 % in 2017, especially among teenagers.

For becoming more responsible and less demanding, children should be encouraged to learn money management skill in the school. Considering beneficial ramifications and supporting such practices will definitely provide merits to the individuals in general and the nations in particular.