IELTS essay about people wanting to look younger

Nowadays, nobody needs to look their age. In reality, we are so frantically enamored with everlasting youth that we attempt each stunt in the book to look more youthful and more alluring. As I would see it, this pattern has both positive and negative viewpoints.

A ton of variables have urged individuals to seek after unceasing youth. Advertising is the most significant of them. We are presently living in the period of data blast. Consistently we are getting barraged with pictures of attractive people who never appear to age. They are all over – on the bulletins, in the papers, on TV and the web. There is no getting away from them. Advertisers, particularly those working in the magnificence business, are answerable for making the inconceivable excellence principles that we battle to satisfy. Everybody needs to resemble the model on the announcement or the TV plug. Obviously individuals are spending colossal measures of cash on beautifying agents and other excellence medicines. Methodology like Botox have become commonly recognized names.

Obviously, this pattern has some beneficial outcomes. At the point when individuals become aware of their looks, they begin focusing on their body and its requirements. They put forth a cognizant attempt to eat well. This improves their general wellbeing. Great looks may likewise improve their certainty.

On the other side, outlandish excellence principles additionally create feeling of inadequacy in individuals who can’t achieve them. A great deal of us neglect the way that the models in advertisements are really photoshopped to look more youthful and prettier. By trying to appear as though them, we aren’t doing ourselves any help. Additionally, a few items that we apply on our skin and hair have genuine results. Shockingly, in the frantic race to look more youthful, we overlook the symptoms of numerous excellence medicines.

To finish up, the ideas of magnificence and maturing have changed throughout the long term. Today, nobody puts stock in maturing smoothly. Unimaginable magnificence norms are the making of advertisers and visual media has helped in their huge selection. While this pattern isn’t totally terrible, it has some genuine repercussions.