Polygon is Being Used By The Ethereum-Based AR Metaverse Ecosystem To Address Scaling


Platforms continue to transfer to other networks as the 2nd most popular Polygon currency prepares for its so much upgrade.

Because of the high gas prices, minting and selling nonfungible tokens (NFTs) while accepting the concept for bigger projects or integrating it into the universe and another ecosystems may not be practicable, especially when there are other viable alternatives.

OVR, a decentralised augmented reality (AR) company based on NFT, recently converted from Ethereum to Polygon (MATIC), a layer-2 network with more scalability and flexibility.

Decentralized AR experience 

OVR began as an open-source augmented reality platform based on Ethereum that allows users to interact with the real world through AR experiences using a mobile device or smart glasses. The metaverse concept was recently adopted by the platform as part of its goal to establish a community-owned version of the 3D virtual environment to compete against Meta, formerly called Facebook, which is imposing its version.

By promoting itself as the first content browser where the universe submits possible experiences depending on their geographical location, rather than the users choosing the contents, OVR is setting a new standard in AR experiences.

OVR allows users to simply create 3-d models in the metaverse, own the space where they are stored in the form of NFTs, and install them.

One year after the project’s inception, the OVR’s layer, which is linked one-to-one to the physical realm, has already delivered over 750,000 OVRLands. There are around 25,270 OVRLand owners as of today, suggesting that the project is rapidly growing and has nearly doubled the size of Sand, one of the most famous metaverse projects.

In the AR world, there are two types of tokens that make it work:

  • These NFTs are like land parcels in the real world. Orlando is one of them.
  • The OVRToken is a fungible token that can be used to do a lot of things in the ecosystem, like buy land, vote in the governance process, stake for nodes and stability mining, and buy things on the OVR marketplace.


The benefits of Polygon OVR have gained tremendous popularity in recent years, as more and more AR and multiverse aficionados discover the immense value this environment provides. To keep up with rising demand and activity, the business has decided to scale by moving to Polygon, which will start in January.

Before opting on Polygon, formerly known as Matic, the OVR project team evaluated numerous options.

The choice to link with this Data plane chain was impacted by a number of factors, including:

  • Transaction costs
  • Decentralization trade-offs and company vision
  • Adoption right now
  • interoperability with the Ethereum network and the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)

OVRToken holders can use the authorized Polygon Bridge to move their ERC-20 tokens from Cryptocurrency to Polygon and vice versa. As a result of this modification, the OVR user interface will remain unchanged. For the primary market, users will be able to buy OVR tokens on Cryptocurrency, Baidu Smart Chain (BSC), and Polygon.

Polygon connects blockchains and decentralized applications (DApps) to Ethereum using sidechains. When using Ethereum, transactions are settled instantaneously via the Polygonal layer, and gas fees are essentially non-existent.

OVR’s decision to use Polygon is likely to speed the expansion of its multiverse system, which is already booming.

5 Metaverse Crypto Coins

Farmers of Sunflowers (SFF) – 479k:-

In the NFT Metaverse, there’s a farming game called Sunflower Farmers that you can play to earn money. It came out on January 3rd, 2022. It began as a side project for a group of friends and has since grown to become one of the year’s fastest-growing play-to-earn games, with over 400k users in just a few weeks.

A lot of bad people took advantage of the game as it became more popular, and this is very common in businesses that deal with crypto currencies.

The team is improving its anti-bot skills in order to stop these bad things from happening. Sunflower Farmers took a picture of the Virtual world, and when the new version of the game comes out, all of the data will be moved over.

Pegaxy (PGX) – 34k:-

It’s called Pegaxy (Pegasus Galaxy) and it’s a futuristic racing game based on mythology. When did it come out? In November of 2021.

Pegaxy is a website that allows users to make money while also having fun by breeding their horses. It also has a vibrant ecology. The user can enter races for free, but the prizes are still big.

59k Arc8 (GAMEE):-

Arc8 started in April 2021 as a GAMEE-based bundle of play-to-earn mobile games. 

Arc8 is a new twist on the play-to-earn model. It gives users tokens for defeating other players. In addition, Arc8 stands apart from most other projects by compensating users for their proficiency in the many mobile games available, as opposed to most other initiatives that reward users for their participation in the games through mindless clicking and idling methods.

170k Crazy Defense Heroes (TOWER):-

Crazy Defense Heroes is a mobile tactical game that was published in March 2021. It is based on the blockchain.  There are also well-known games like Crazy Kings and Crazy Defense Heroes in the TOWER ecosystem. This game is part of it. Each game has more than 1.5 million downloads.

Crazy Defence Heroes is a game that you can play for free. To earn TOWER tokens while playing games on their Android or iOS devices, users must link their Plugin wallets to their CDH IDs.

People who play Tower can enter TOWER vaults and buy upgrades with the game’s “token.”

REVV Racing (REVV):-

The racing team REVV Racing (REVV) is headquartered in the United Kingdom.
3D racing games are very popular. This game looks and plays like a standard 3D racing game, but it records and stores all the times you play it.

It’s called REVV Racing, and it was made by Animoca Brands. It will be out in September 2020. REVV Racing is a game that lets people earn tokens by racing cars in their Metaverse. They can do this to get tokens.



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