The Most Popular Competitor Analysis Tools in 2022

Competitor Analysis

To learn more about how to do a competitor analysis, check out How to Do a Competitor Analysis. Professionals’ suggested guide to competition analysis covers the what, why, and how.

How are your competitors’ brands in your market? Is your brand stronger or weaker than that of your competitors? Here you’ll find prices, earnings reports, stock prices, client service best practices, corporate culture, distribution, and much more.

Based on your results, make changes to your brand’s marketing plan. To outsmart your competitors.

What is the purpose of Competitor analysis?

As I previously indicated, you will be capable of upgrading your marketing plan. You’ll also find gaps in the market that your competition has neglected. You’ll uncover new areas of possibility that your competition has identified and that you’ve ignored. Countries that are working with them, for example, should be targeted.

Following the best Competitor Analysis Tools

Quick Lookup

Talkwalker’s advanced social media search tool, Quick Search, gives you a quick snapshot of your company’s online presence. Including comprehensive coverage of social media sites, news sources, blogs, and message boards. You’ll be able to keep track of what’s being said about your brand, who’s saying it, and what’s trending in the industry.

In real-time, you can enter a selection of brands – your rivals – and compare sentiment with 90% accuracy. Discover the demographics, gender, geography, and mentions of your target audience. To identify the stories that are currently resonating, use filters to dive down into trends and themes.


This insert is one of the more fascinating competitor analysis software in the game. If you’re looking for a Firefox add-on that focuses on one subject, this is it.

Wappalyzer is a parsing tool that shows how different websites use different technologies. Wappalyzer is a browser extension that detects the software types utilized on a specific website. You may quickly check the websites of your competitors to see what software they’re utilizing. That’s incredible!

This is a necessary tool for assessing the success of your rivals’ websites. Yes, this information can be hidden by a professional web service provider.


As a platform for business intelligence and competitive analysis, BuiltWith claims to provide website profiles, lead generation, and sales data as well as eCommerce data and analysis of the market competitors. Wow, such a feat!

You’ll be able to identify which market segments your organization is missing out on when you use BuiltWith in your competition analysis. Compile a list of possible clients and

There are a lot of things you should keep an eye on.

You can keep an eye on statistics for a wide range of markets, as well as how the Internet is used and how much of the market it has. Also, there is information about how rival technology works. The following are the results of rival comparisons:

  • Technology’s share of the market, whether it’s going up or down.
  • People who don’t use the technology in question are making and taking away market share.
  • When a site moves away from a competitor, BuiltWith offers individual site lookups as well as Basic, Pro, and Enterprise plans for no charge.

So, if only one or two services are needed, you won’t have to pay a significant fee.


WooRank is an SEO inspector and a digital marketing tool.

A free SEO audit will assess your website. It’s on my list of competitor analysis tools because you can see your competitors.

The tool allows you to compare three competitors:

  • Technical SEO is done. Site performance and usability
  • Backlinkers who use social media
  • SEO and keyword rankings are both checked by the WooRank Keyword Tool

It also keeps track of how it affects your rankings. When you sign up for an account, your competitors are automatically added. This means that you’ll learn about their marketing strategies, goals, and priorities.

It not only monitors your website’s SEO performance, but also the keyword ranks and landing pages of your competitors.

Google AdWords Keyword Planner:

As the name implies, the tool’s objective is to find new keywords. You can use it to look for terms relating to your business and target the market on your competitors’ websites on the internet. It’s a fantastic way to keep track of keyword trends. To improve your search marketing and ensure that your content is current.


You should use this tool because it’s an all-in-one marketing suite that includes SEO, PPC, keyword research, competitive analysis, social network research, content writing, and more. This is the best tool for this. There are more than 30 tools in the SEMrush software, which can look at 3.7 billion keywords and 4 trillion backlinks.

Choose the tools that work best for the projects you’re working on. You can make your toolkit and pick and choose which ones work best for each one. Kits for SEO, marketing, social media, digital marketing, and competitive research are all available for each of these things.

The following are things that are only found in competitor analysis:

  • Examine your competitors’ best-performing words.
  • See if there are any new organic rivals that you can learn about.
  • Find out what your competitors are doing and how much money they have.
  • Examine the ad words, keywords, and ads that your competitors are using.
  • In AdWords and Bing ads, look for new rivals to fight.
  • Find out which ads from your competitors are the most effective.

Pro, Guru, and Business are the three price options that can be chosen from. Each has a different set of features depending on what your company needs.


SpyFu, which used to be called GoogSpy, is a keyword analytics tool that shows the terms that websites pay for through Google AdWords to people. This means you’ll have access to all of your competitors’ keywords and ad testing.

They are also ranked by the words that people search for when they look at the site. For the content and links that helped them get there, you can then look for those things, too. Find out how well your competing companies’ backlinks are working, and then try to get them for your site.

SpyFu gets this information by scraping web pages. It updates its database once a month with the new data. Instead of a real-time tracking engine, this gives you a general idea of what’s going on in SEM and SEO.

This program also helps you find important keywords in your field, but it also helps you find important keywords your competitors use.


Emails sent from a website are saved, kept, and looked at with this tool that compares them. It means that you can keep an eye on your competitors’ emails to see what works and what doesn’t work.

Owler gives you access to:

  • If your competitors have a spam problem, what would happen to you then?
    If they send emails on a regular basis, then they are likely to do so
  • In this case, they should be able to go with the times of the year.
    What’s going on in the news, as well as a lot of other things
  • Owletter saves, analyses, and alerts you if the machine thinks an email you get has important information.
  • You must be on the mailing lists of your competitors to use this tool.

You only pay for what you use if you decide to keep using it.


Let’s take a moment to discuss SimilarWeb. This competition analyzer will assist you in determining your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses, tracking your industry, and identifying data and web strategies for your competitors.

This tool might help you locate potential business partners or leads. Assist you in identifying new trends and elucidating the consumer’s motivation and journey. SimilarWeb takes raw data, cleans and organizes it, processes it using machine learning techniques, and then provides you with the information you need.

Moz’s Followerwonk

Followerwonk enables you to optimize your Twitter accounts and boost social development. This application enables you to go deeper into Facebook’s analytics to identify, evaluate, and optimize your social growth. Find and engage a new influencer, compare your emerging models to your competitors using super-actionable visualizations, and instantly share your reports with your company to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Followerwonk can be used to analyze any Twitter account, including competitors, to better your Twitter marketing approach. You can compare your Twitter following to the following of two other Twitter accounts.

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