Microsoft-Owned OpenAI offers ChatGPT Recommendations for Teachers


OpenAI, which is owned by Microsoft, has put out a new guide to help teachers use its AI robot, ChatGPT, in the classroom. The guide has ideas for prompts, descriptions of how ChatGPT works and what its limits are, information on how well AI detectors work, and discussions of biases.OpenAI has announced that they would be publishing a handbook for educators who wish to implement ChatGPT into their classrooms.¬† It includes suggested prompts, an explanation of how ChatGPT works and its limitations, the effectiveness of AI detectors, and bias.”

ChatGPT is a useful tool that people have been using to make quizzes, tests, lesson plans, and simulations of difficult talks. At the American International School in Chennai, India, for example, ChatGPT is used to teach kids about AI tools and how to use the internet in a responsible way. Students should look at the replies on ChatGPT with a critical eye and check the information through primary sources.

Geetha Venugopal, a high school computer science teacher at the American International School, said that she tells her students that the information they get from ChatGPT may not always be correct and reliable. As the instructor emphasised, students should “think critically about whether they should trust the answer,” and then “confirm the information through other primary resources,” as OpenAI explained in the post.

She also said that the goal is to help them “understand how important it is to keep working on their unique critical thinking, problem-solving, and creative skills all the time.”Through a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), OpenAI has admitted that ChatGPT has some problems. The company has made it clear that there are tools to find content made by AI, including content made by OpenAI, but none of them have been proven to work perfectly. Also, ChatGPT might tell you the wrong answer when you ask if a piece of content was made by a person or by an AI.

OpenAI has also released ChatGPT Enterprise, a version of the robot app that is geared towards business. This version has enterprise-grade protection and privacy, faster GPT-4 access, longer context windows for processing long inputs, advanced data analysis tools, customization options, and more. It is SOC 2-compliant, which means that talks are safe and encrypted while in transit and while they are stored.

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