Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and the Wear OS 4-based One UI 5 Watch Updates

Galaxy Watch 4

Samsung has commenced the deployment of the Wear OS 4 update to its Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic devices. The most recent update introduces One UI 5 Watch, a Samsung-developed proprietary user interface constructed using the most recent version of Google’s Wear OS. In terms of the Wear OS 4 upgrade, it can be observed that the Galaxy Watch 4 has achieved this milestone before the Pixel Watch.

Reddit users have been sharing information regarding the anticipated arrival of the One UI 5 Watch upgrade for their Galaxy Watch 4 Bluetooth variants. There is a lack of information regarding the upgrade status of the LTE versions of the watches. However, it should be noted that the software appears to be accessible in several regions across the globe, including the United States. The newer flagship Samsung smartwatches incorporate a multitude of additional features compared to their predecessors.

The One UI 5 Watch for the Galaxy Watch 4 series introduces a range of novel features.

The introduction of the One UI 5 Watch to the Galaxy Watch 4 series brings forth a range of novel watch faces and tiles. The updated features include a novel battery level tile, enabling users to promptly ascertain the remaining power in their Galaxy Watch. Additionally, a Buds controller tile has been introduced, affording users the ability to activate or deactivate 360 audio. Furthermore, a timer tile has been incorporated, facilitating users in promptly initiating the timer function without the need to use the associated application.

Moreover, the latest software update for the Galaxy Watch 4 series provides users with the opportunity to utilise various functionalities, such as personalised heart rate zones, notifications for irregular heart rhythm, the Track Run feature, enhanced sleep coaching, automatic recording of cycle workouts, and a range of customizable workout tools.

The Galaxy Watch 4 series has been equipped with the capability to manage the volume of incoming calls and silence them. In addition, users will have the option to use keypad access when engaged in phone conversations. The aforementioned functions were not accessible on the One UI 4 Watch.

Additionally, there are other fundamental features of Wear OS 4 that are being introduced. As an illustration, individuals already possess the capability to establish a connection between the watch and a different mobile device without engaging in a complete restoration of the device to its original factory settings.

The One UI 5 Watch update can be obtained for the Galaxy Watch 4 or Watch 4 Classic by navigating to the Watch Settings and selecting the Watch Software Update option. The file has a size of approximately 1.7 gigabytes; hence, it is recommended to download it over a Wi-Fi network for optimal efficiency. It’s possible that the change won’t show up right away. The implementation of the update may follow a phased approach, and it is expected that you will receive it in due course.

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