Hand-woven Mayan and Mexican hammocks

    Mayan and Mexican hammocks

    For over 3,000 years, the Mayans built up an extraordinary culture with rich practices. In the Yucatan of Mexico, Mayan and Mexican hammocks have been utilized as a significant household item inside or outside, for resting and unwinding, similarly as they are today. Similarly, you can appreciate them in and around your home, while adding a scramble of inside stylistic layout and style. From single size to family estimate, with a spreader bar or without, to lounger seats and that’s just the beginning, you’ll track down the correct lounger for you, your loved ones from our broad choice of high quality Mexican hammocks. These are ideal for inside for expanding space and adding style, or outside to appreciate in the solace of the seasons and sun.

    Utilizing extremely old techniques, every one of our hammocks are hand tailored by Mayan ladies in the Yucatan of Mexico. These legitimate Mayan made, Mexican hammocks are made of 100% cotton, with the end strings or circles made of nylon for help. Cotton hammocks are the more agreeable hammocks, with the tones more satisfying to the eye. The Mayan ladies work on hammocks to help their family and acquire a pay. Along these lines, the ladies can deal with their small kids and work simultaneously. At the point when you get a Mayan made lounger, you are contributing straightforwardly to family pay, supporting the independence of the ladies and the improvement of the entire local area.

    You can help make a difference

    For some Mayan families, the Mexican lounger exchange is their solitary kind of revenue. At the point when you get a high quality Mayan lounger, you are helping the Mayan ladies straightforwardly, working with and regarding the networks, while offering financial help for the Mayan families and Mayan towns. We gladly support kiva.org too, and offer our Mayan hammocks and Mexican hammocks through PayPal for your benefit.

    In particular, all our Mayan hammocks and Mexican hammocks are carefully assembled, cotton hammocks. With nylon, strings are splendid and sparkling, yet less lenient against the skin. Cotton, being a characteristic fiber, has a lot more pleasant feel to it and with the correct consideration, can keep going for a long time. The end strings or circle strings of our hammocks are made of nylon for strength and backing.

    About picking a Mayan and Mexican hammocks

    For some, the most mainstream and the top of the line hammocks are the Jumbo, King, American and lounger seats. Mexican hammocks come in all tones, from strong shaded to multi-hued, rainbow hammocks. Get a definitive nursery or outside improving embellishment and add open air style to your lawn, house or excursion with really carefully assembled hammocks. Since everyone is handcrafted, every lounger is a unique piece of handwoven material craftsmanship. Not exclusively will you make the most of your lounger, however you’ll likewise feel extraordinary that your buy has assisted a Mayan family whose sole type of revenue is regularly from the lounger exchange as you can peruse here on our site. For more data on the different sizes of hammocks and a portion of our Mayan accomplices in the lounger exchange, if it’s not too much trouble, our video here.