macOS Ventura: Here are four game-changing features that will be available for the Mac later this year

macOS Ventura

Apple showed off its upcoming operating systems at WWDC 2022. These included iOS 16 and macOS Ventura. iOS 16 is getting a lot of great features, like the ability to change the lock screen, a new area for notifications, Live Activities, and more. However, macOS Ventura also has some great features. Read on to learn more about some of the features in macOS Ventura that could change the way you use your Mac.

Following the four game-changing features that will be available for the Mac later this year

1) Stage Manager

Stage Manager is a new feature that will soon be available for both the Mac and the iPad. It sorts and groups the windows on the Macs of its users. When a user wants to look at a certain app, they can go to the Stage Manager and find the app. With Stage Manager, users can group apps in their way, just like they can with tab groups in web browsers. After macOS Ventura comes out, regular users will be able to use this feature.

2) Camera for The Public

The community camera is another feature that has the potential to alter the way users interact with their MacBooks. Users can use their iPhone as a webcam for their Mac with this feature. Community Camera also works with Apple’s Center Stage feature. This means that people with an iPhone 11 or later with a wide-angle camera can use the feature on video calls, FaceTime sessions, and more.

3) Desk View

Desk View is a feature that adds to this one. This means that iPhones with wide-angle cameras can take a picture from above the desk where the user is working. Video calls can also be made with Studio Lite mode on an iPhone 12 or later. This will make them smile and give them a chance to show themselves interestingly. Users who don’t like the quality of their Mac’s camera can use their iPhone instead.

4) Search in The Light

With the updated Spotlight Search feature, users can also look for images that are inside other apps, like Messages or Notes. Also, the Live Text feature makes it possible for users to search for text within images, which is cool. Apple has made Spotlight Search more user-friendly in or detox the overall user experience. As a result, users can now initiate actions such as starting a timer or adding alarms directly from within the Spotlight Search interface.

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