MacOS Ventura Compatibility: Can Ventura run on your Mac?


    You’ve heard all about the new features that will be added to Macs later this year with macOS Ventura. You may now be wondering if your Mac will be able to update to the next version of macOS when it comes out. Well, we’re here to tell you if Ventura will work with your Mac.

    Every Mac won’t be able to install Ventura, so this year even more Macs won’t be able to get the latest version of macOS.

    Here are the system requirements for macOS 13 Ventura. However, just because your Mac can run Ventura doesn’t mean you’ll get all of its features.

    The new parts of macOS Ventura. You might also see What macOS version can my Mac run? Especially if you have an older Mac, this is useful.

    The following Macs can use macOS Ventura:

    • MacBooks that came out in 2017 or later
    • Models of MacBook Air made after 2018
    • MacBook Pro models made after 2017
    • Mac mini models released in 2018 or after
    • 2019 and subsequent iMac models
    • Apple iMac Pro (all models)
    • Mac Pro models released after 2013
    • Studio for Mac (all models)

    This implies that the following Macs, formerly supported by Monterey, will no longer be able to run Ventura:

    • iMac (models from 2015)
    • Air MacBook (models from 2015 and 2017 models)
    • Apple MacBook Pro (2015 and 2016 models)
    • Mini Mac (2014 models)
    • Mac Pro 2013 (cylinder/trash container)
    • MacBook Pro (2016 model)

    There will undoubtedly be some Mac users who are dissatisfied with this list. Many of the Macs that Ventura does not support were still being offered by Apple until recently. The 2014 Mac mini was available until 2018, the ‘trash can’ Mac Pro was available until 2019, and the 2017 MacBook Air was available until July 2019. We assumed that Apple would not remove such Macs from the supported list since users may have bought the model just recently. At the very least, macOS Monterey will continue to support them for at least two more macOS iterations. This is how long Apple will support Macs.

    It is also possible that some supported Macs may be unable to take benefit of all of the new capabilities. Many Monterey features, such as Universal Control, Spatial Audio, and AirPlay to Mac, needed the M1 chip or one of the most recent Intel-powered Macs. Read more about which Monterey features work on my Mac.

    Will Ventura run on my Mac?

    Do you want to know whether your Mac will be able to run Monterey? We detail the Macs that are compatible with the latest version of macOS below; ideally, the description will help you identify your Mac; otherwise, read: What model of Mac do I have?

    MacBook models released in 2017 or after

    This is the range of sleeker and smaller 12in MacBook models with Retina screens announced by Apple in March 2015 – except the 2015 and 016 models, which are no longer featured as of Ventura. If you have a 2017 MacBook in Gold, Silver, or Space Grey, you should have no trouble updating to Ventura.

    MacBook Air versions released in 2018 or after

    Apple refreshed the MacBook Air in 2018. Ventura will not support earlier bigger models that were only available in silver. The 2017 model remained available until 2019, thus it’s probable that many are still in use.

    MacBook Pro models released after 2017

    The 2015 and 2016 MacBook Pro models could run macOS Monterey last year, but not this year! The 2017 models were released in July 2017 and included Kaby Lake (7th generation) CPUs.

    Mac mini models released in 2018 or after

    Apple did not upgrade the Mac mini for many years, so there aren’t many 2014 versions still in use, but if you have one, Ventura will not support it. Ventura will work if you have one of the Space Grey versions from 2018, or the almost equivalent 2020 ones.

    iMac models released in 2019 or after

    Monterey supports the 2015 iMac, but if that’s what you have and want to run Ventura, you’re out of luck. Only 2019 (Coffee Lake – 8th gen), 2020 (Comet Lake – 10th gen), and 2021 (M1) models are supported by Ventura.

    Apple iMac Pro (all models)

    The iMac Pro was released in 2017, however, it was discontinued in early 2021. At the very least, Ventura supports it.

    Models of the 2019 Mac Pro

    The 2019 Mac Pro ‘cheese grater’ workstation is the only model that is supported. You won’t be able to run Ventura on any of the earlier aluminum towers or even the black cylinder ‘trash can’.

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