iPhone 14 Pro vs iPhone X: What to Expect

iPhone 14 Pro vs iPhone X

The next iPhone is coming out soon, and if you get the high-end iPhone 14 Pro vs iPhone X, it will be very different from the ones that came before. The high-end “Pro” line should get a new pill-shaped punch hole screen, better cameras, and faster processors this year. This is almost certain to happen. If you’re still using an iPhone X, the new iPhone 14 Pro will be very different. When it came out in 2017, the $1,000 iPhone X helped grow the high-end smartphone market we know today. If you’re thinking about switching from the iPhone X to the iPhone 14 Pro, you might be wondering what the differences are.

From what we know so far, here’s everything you need to know about how the iPhone 14 Pro compares to the iPhone X.

iPhone 14 Pro vs iPhone X: Designs

When it came out five years ago, the iPhone X gave the iPhone a new look. The iPhone X still looks modern with its 5.8-inch display that goes from one end to the other and covers the whole front. There is no home button and the display is just a thin strip. Newer iPhones still follow the basic design that the iPhone X made popular, which includes the notch where FaceID is located. The iPhone 12 was the first one to have a flat design to the edges. The design of the iPhone 13 from last year didn’t change much, except for a smaller notch and a different way the cameras were set up.

But from a design point of view, the iPhone 14 Pro could be a whole new device. This year, neither the iPhone 14 Pro nor the iPhone 14 Pro Max will have a notch. Instead, they will have a new hole punch and a pill-shaped cutout. It looks like the iPhone 14 Pro’s camera bump will be bigger to make room for the new camera hardware. Like the iPhone X, the iPhone 14 Pro will be water-resistant (rated IP68), not have a headphone jack, and be able to be charged wirelessly. Sorry, but it looks like the iPhone 14 Pro will have the same lightning port as the iPhone X.

iPhone 14 Pro vs iPhone X: Display

The iPhone X had a 5.8-inch Super Retina display, and while the OLED screen is bright and colorful, it’s not even close to what you get on the iPhone Pro models. The panel on the iPhone 14 Pro may be much brighter than the one on the model from last year, but it will still have a 120Hz refresh rate and a ProMotion display. The iPhone X’s screen updates at 60 frames per second, or 60Hz, which is faster than the iPhone Pro models.

iPhone 14 Pro vs iPhone X: Cameras

As is usually the case with new iPhones, the iPhone 14 Pro will have a better camera, just like most other new iPhones. When it came out, the iPhone X had a better camera system than competing Android phones. It had two 12MP cameras on the back: a wide-angle lens with an aperture of f/1.8 and a telephoto lens with an aperture of f/2.4. Even though the iPhone X’s camera isn’t bad, it’s no match for the iPhone Pro’s camera system, which has not only three lenses (the main camera, an ultra-wide angle shooter, and a telephoto lens), but also better low-light capabilities and a LiDAR sensor. In the case of the iPhone 14 Pro, the high-end phone is expected to have a 48MP camera sensor, which is better than the 12MP sensor on the iPhones before it. Apple could also improve the cameras on the front of the iPhone 14 series. There are rumors that Apple has chosen a company to make a better lens for its front-facing camera.

iPhone 14 Pro vs iPhone X: The Processor and Battery

The iPhone X has a fast A11 processor that should be able to run popular games and essential apps for at least a year or two. But when compared to the A16 chip in the iPhone 14 Pro, the new processor will beat the A11, both in tests and in real life. And it’s not hard to see why. When the iPhone X was taken apart, it was found to have 3GB RAM, while higher-priced iPhone Pro models had 6GB RAM.

The base iPhone Pro models now have more than 64GB of storage. To give you an idea, the base model of the iPhone 13 Pro starts at 128GB. The models of the iPhone Pro can also connect to 5G, which the iPhone X can’t do. When it comes out, the iPhone 14 Pro will run iOS 16, which will also work on the iPhone X, but we don’t know if the iPhone X will get more iOS updates next year and beyond.

The iPhone X had a 2,716 mAh battery, but Apple doesn’t talk up battery sizes. This helped the phone last for more than a day on one charge. We don’t know much about the battery life of the iPhone 14 Pro, but when we tested the iPhone 13 Pro Max from last year (the one with the 6.7-inch screen), it lasted much longer when surfing the web on 4G. Apple’s new iPhone models have a new MagSafe feature that lets you use magnets to attach compatible accessories. The MagSafe feature is not on the iPhone X, which is pretty clear.

iPhone 14 Pro vs iPhone X: Upgrade?

Since the iPhone X was first released five years ago, Apple has added many new features to the iPhone. If you want to buy a new iPhone, you should wait until the iPhone 14 Pro comes out in September or until Apple has its big hardware event later in the year. Every way you look at it, the iPhone 14 Pro will be better than the iPhone X. Will the iPhone 14 Pro be more expensive than the iPhone X? Absolutely. Wedbush Securities analyst Dan Ives says that newer iPhones may go up in price by $100. The Pro models of the iPhone already cost more than $999. The iPhone 14 Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro will each cost $1099 and $1199.

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