5 Unexpected Ways to Use AirTags: Luggage GPS Tracker and More


There are probably a dozen things, ranging from your keys to your phone, that you routinely lose track of. I’m sure you can think of some of them. These are common things that you can put an Apple AirTags on, but we have a few more that you might not have thought of.

Usually, you need to be within Bluetooth range to find your AirTags. However, you can use Apple’s Find My service to find it if it’s further away but still in range of another Apple device. Here’s how the Find My network works. To do this, just put your AirTag into “Lost Mode,” and when it gets close to the Find My network, you’ll get a message.

We’ll tell you some unusual places you can put an AirTag so you don’t have to keep going back over your steps. Here’s how to find out if an Android AirTag is tracking your location.

In your tent when you go camping

If you are camping in a place you have never been before, it might be helpful to put an AirTag inside your tent so you can find it easily. For example, if you decide to go on a long hike one day, you can use Find Me to find out where your tent was when the AirTag was last used and get directions back to the campsite. Remember that it will only work if it’s close to someone else’s device, so don’t count on it if you’re in the middle of nowhere. (This is also why Apple says you shouldn’t put AirTags on your pets.)

In your jacket pocket

How often have you left your coat in a restaurant, bar, or friend’s house? It’s easy to forget to grab your jacket before you leave, especially if it’s warmer than you thought or if your hands are full of leftovers and to-go cups.

If you plan to hang your jacket on a coat rack or the back of a chair when you get there, put an AirTag in the pocket so you can find it. This can help you keep from losing another favorite jacket, and it will cost you less to buy a new one.

Inside your luggage

Airports can be hard to find your way around, and it can be especially hard to find the right luggage pickup. Sometimes you have to wait 30 minutes for your bags to show up on the conveyor belt, and sometimes they don’t show up at all. You can make it easier to find your suitcase by putting an AirTag tracker inside so you can see where it is.

This can help you figure out if your bags were left on the plane, if they’re on the conveyor belt but you haven’t seen them yet, or if someone grabbed them by mistake. Once you find out where your bags are, you can take care of the problem and keep going.

Inside your laptop bag

When you go to a cafe to get coffee for everyone at the office, it’s easy to leave your laptop bag behind. It’s hard to remember to get your bag from the booth you were sitting in when your hands are full and you’re thinking about how to open your car door.

So, putting an AirTag in one of the pockets is a good idea. You will not only be able to find your expensive laptop, but you will also be able to save any private business or personal information that was in your bag.

In a secret spot on your bike

If it hasn’t happened to you, you likely know someone who has. You come home from a bike ride, go inside to get some water and food, and forget all about your bike, which you left outside. Or maybe you went to the store and forgot to lock up your bike, so when you got back it was gone.

If you put AirTags somewhere hidden on the bike, it’s easy to find. We don’t think you should try to find the bike on your own though. To avoid dangerous situations, it’s best to call the police and let them get your bike for you.

This method also works if your car has been stolen or towed away, or if you can’t remember where you parked it. If you have an iPhone and connect it to your car through Bluetooth, your phone can find where you left it last.

Where to put your AirTags in more common places

Most of the time, AirTags is used to find these things.

  • Your bag or pocketbook
  • Your set of keys
  • Your tablet or phone
  • Your TV’s remote control
  • Anything you leave outside your valuable house

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