Google Live Relay makes phone calls easier for hard-of-hearing people

Google has made several announcements at Google I/O, ranging from Android Q advancements to the introduction of new hardware. Live Relay and Project ‘Euphonia’ are two particularly intriguing announcements that will play a significant role in the advancement of new mobile technology. The Live Relay feature is primarily designed for persons with hearing impairments and enables them to make regular calls by live translating the sound from the other end. Task Euphonia, on the other hand, is for people with speech difficulties due to ALS or other degenerative diseases.

It is a research effort that aims to make it easier for those with hearing difficulties to hold a normal conversation over the phone. Live Relay for the first time interprets what the person on the other end has said using discourse recognition algorithms. When the voice recording appears on the screen, clients can respond using Smart Reply and Smart Compose, which is then converted into sound and transmitted to the individual on the other end of the conversation.

Google also mentioned the Live Transcription and Sound Amplifier apps.