12 Business Ideas with No Startup Costs


Content creation

You can start social media and the 24-hour news cycle have created the perfect to make storm of different opportunity for creative professionals like a writers and graphic designers, they can use their talents to create high-quality, shareable content for businesses and media outlets. 

Personal or virtual assistant

A personal or virtual assistant performs makes many of those secretarial and front-desk functions without being onsite and do by remotely. These individuals often work from home for many different regions clients, and keeping track of calendars with making flight arrangements or do clerical work.

Event planning services

If you think you’re a highly organized and detail-oriented individual loves putting parties together. You might be have the right personality to launch the event planning business as your startup and offers the weddings, birthday parties and class reunions, event planners make for others to host an exciting party.

Errand/concierge service

Between the caring and for those who professional responsibilities and children, It most working parents have to very little time to take care for the personal errands like grocery, shopping, making returns at the mall or mailing packages. Makes for the right, driven individual can take care of these time-consuming for clients and free up their days for the important things in life.

Professional reviewer

Yes, this is really a thing. The importance of good reviews has not been lost on companies large and small.

Social media consulting

Larger firms can hire an agency or full-time staff member for run their Facebook and Twitter accounts and blogs but small businesses often have to take care of their own social media marketing. 

Etsy shop owner

Etsy is a popular online marketplace that hosts thousands of at-home retailers and larger productions

Online courses and tutoring

What are you passionate about your idea? Yoga? Baking? Web design? Software Testing?If you think something inside and out, you can help others enrich their lives by offering virtual classes. 

Personal chef

This business requires you to plan and prepare weekly or daily meals for your clients, so strong cooking skills and a working knowledge for nutrition and special diets are a must. Your customers should cover the cost of ingredients in addition to your service charge.

Music lessons

For the musically gifted, offering lessons to others who want to learn an instrument can be a great source of extra income. Unless you’re teaching piano, students can likely bring their own instruments to your home for hour-long lessons.

Translation service

If you’re fluent in a second language, you can find work converting written and spoken words from one language to another. Broadening international ties and an increase in the number of non-English speakers in the U.S. make this a fast-growing field.

Software training

Are you proficient in a highly specialized software? There’s a growing demand for training from amateurs and professionals looking to expand their skillsets. Technical manuals are available for programs like QuickBooks and Final Cut Pro, but these are often expensive and difficult for the average user to understand.