Elon Musk Inventions


Elon Musk may just be the 21st century’s Thomas Edison.

Tesla Motors, electric car
The publicly traded electric-car company whose stock has increased nearly 700 percent in the last 2.5 years to just under $213 a share at press time.

SpaceX, Falcon rocket
Musk’s aerospace company may be just as famous as his automobiles. Founded in 2002 to help reduce the cost of space transportation and enable the colonization of Mars, SpaceX’s Falcon 1 and Falcon 9 rockets are designed to be reusable.

X.com (PayPal) e-payments
In 1999, Musk co-founded a company called X.com, which focused on financial services and email payments.

The rail system would work in a tube with extremely low air pressure, which would theoretically reduce drag and enable higher speeds at up to 800 miles per hour with lower power consumption.

Zip2, online city guides
Musk’s first Web software company, founded with his brother using money loaned by their father, was aimed toward helping the newspaper industry put together ‘city guides’ for online users

SolarCity, solar-power systems
Co-founded in 2006 by Musk and his cousins, SolarCity has since grown to become the second-largest provider of solar-power systems in the country, with revenues of $102.8 million in the most recent quarter.

Web-based phone calls
The idea was a bit less intricate than what we use today with Skype, though. Instead, the idea went, users could click on a company’s contact information online and then calls would be routed to the company via a call center.

Location-specific searches
In the early days of the Internet, finding a business that was close to you wasn’t the priority it is today. Musk, in 1998, thought it might be someday, though. His idea was to create a system that initially searched for results in the geographic area closest to you, then automatically widening that area (meaning the user wouldn’t have to refine the search) until there were enough results..

Now he working on Robocab like uber and lyft. How? We can think that will reduce the jobs for car drivers. We know that cost-effective but what about the driver they do the driving and earn only from it.