Do these 3 things with your new iPhone running iOS 16

iOS 16

The iPhone 14 is likely to be one of the most sought-after Christmas presents this year, and if you wound up with Apple’s newest flagship smartphone, there are many intriguing new physical features, such as the always-on display and the Dynamic Island, to explore (both features are only available on the iPhone 14 Pro series). But you’ll also have the opportunity to experience iOS 16, the latest software version.

If this is your first time using iOS 16, there are three things you should do before anything else to improve your iPhone’s experience before you delve into the hidden features and most bothersome settings. This narrative will explain what these items are and how they will improve your life.

1: Add a new wallpaper option to your iPhone’s lock screen

Apple has overhauled the lock screen in iOS 16, allowing you to fully personalize aspects such as the date and time, add weather and news widgets, and create numerous wallpaper profiles that are easy to move between.

And if it sounds appealing, you should customize your lock screen immediately after installing iOS 16.

To modify your lock screen, press anywhere on the screen while your device is locked and then unlock it when requested. After doing so, a brand-new interface for the lock screen will open, allowing you to cycle through and modify your numerous lock screen wallpapers.

If you press the Plus button in the bottom-right corner to create a new wallpaper, you can peruse a variety of Apple wallpapers, including those depicting weather and astronomy, emojis, and more. A handful of these backgrounds have widgets, but you may also add them later.

If you decide to upload your photo, try to choose one with a person or item in the foreground. If you alter the image exactly so, you will be able to employ the new depth effect feature, which creates a layered appearance by pushing time behind the object in focus.

Then, you may tap any of the lock screen features, such as the date and time, to alter their appearance. If you choose Add Widgets, you can add tiny transparent widgets to the wallpaper section.

When you’re done, hit Add and select whether you want to use the wallpaper on your lock screen and home screen. Here’s how Apple modifies the iPhone 14 lock screen.

2: Create a Focus profile so that notifications do not distract you

You may adjust Focus, the successor of Do Not Disturb, to get only the most important notifications and alerts while blocking everything else. However, iOS 16’s productivity function has been significantly revamped, and it’s worth checking out and configuring if you want to limit iPhone distractions.

Go to Focus in Settings and then select the profile or profiles you wish to configure. Then, within a Focus profile, you can select to receive notifications from specific individuals and apps, display quiet notifications on your lock screen, remove notification badges, and configure your lock screen and home screen backgrounds to change automatically when your Focus profile is activated.

In addition, you can set when you want your Focus profile to activate (when you go to sleep) and deactivate (when you get up) (when you wake up). Using the Health app, you may access your sleep data to determine an appropriate routine for Focus.

Lastly, you may personalize how apps and system settings interact with you using Focus filters. For instance, you may add an app filter to Safari so that only specific tabs are displayed, or you can add a filter to the Mail app so that only certain email messages reach you. For system settings, you can add a filter to activate Dark mode and Low Power mode automatically whenever your Focus profile is on.

Once your Focus profile is complete, you may reach the Control Center by swiping down from the top-right corner of the screen and then tapping the Focus control to activate the profile you’ve built.

3: Configure iPhoto to delete duplicate images and movies to reduce clutter and free up space

And if you’re looking for a quick solution to free up space on your iPhone, Photographs now has a tool that scans your camera roll for duplicate photos and videos. This is an excellent method not only for spring cleaning but also for removing files that are occupying space on your iPhone.

Under the Albums menu in Photos, slide down and select Duplicates. Select > Select All > Merge to eliminate all duplicates together. You can see the file size at the bottom of each photo or video, so you should prioritize the larger items first.

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