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WhatsApp is one of the leading instant messaging platforms, with over 2 billion active iOS and Android users worldwide. And to improve user interface and privacy, the company owned by Meta introduces new features each month for iOS, Android, and Web users.

Recent additions to the platform include Message Yourself, Polls, Avatars, and more, all of which are available or will be available in the updated version of the app. All iOS, Android, and Web users are currently receiving these updates.

Let’s examine some of the new WhatsApp features that are available in the updated version of the application on the App Store and Google Play. If you are unable to locate these features on your device, update your apps or wait a few days, as they will soon be accessible to all iOS, Android, and WhatsApp for web users.

Message Yourself

The new function permits users to send text messages to their phone numbers. You can store your essential notes and media. In addition, your media and chats in the ‘Message Yourself’ Chat will be sent to all of your linked devices, allowing you to access them at any time across all devices.

To send Yourself a Message

  • Open WhatsApp
  • Proceed to contacts.
  • Your name will appear at the top of your list of contacts with the text message yourself (You).
  • Open the profile for Message Yourself.
  • A chat window will open similarly to a standard chat. Similar to other WhatsApp chat windows, you can send anything, including media and messages.

Filters chat lists on WhatsApp 

Chat list filters now enable users to search a chat list for specific messages or media from contacts, as well as filter all unread messages. The filter icon is located adjacent to the search bar on iPhones, Android phones, and the WhatsApp website.

  • To filter unread chats
  • Select the filter icon to the right of the search bar.
  • Choose from a variety of filter options, including unread messages, photos, links, and documents.

WhatsApp Surveys

WhatsApp Polls enable users to pose questions and receive immediate responses in individual or group chats. In a poll, users can add up to 12 options for a single question.

  • Open any personal or group WhatsApp chat to create a poll.
  • Tap the Attachment icon, followed by Poll, then Create Poll.
  • Enter your question in Ask question
  • Next, enter your poll options. Additionally, you can click and drag options to reorder them.
  • To generate and send your poll, click the send icon.

WhatsApp Icons

Meta is implementing the Avatar function for WhatsApp. Users of WhatsApp can now create a personalized Avatar, set it as their profile picture, and send Avatar stickers.

Display profile pictures in groups 

This new update makes it easier for users to identify group members by displaying profile pictures. Users can now view a display image of group members alongside the text bubble.

  • Call Link function
  • Users can now create and send a WhatsApp call link directly from the Calls tab, allowing others to join the call directly from the link.
  • To send a link to a call, launch WhatsApp and select the Calls tab.
  • Afterward, tap Create Call Link

Choose between video or voice calls

Tap Share Link or Copy Link to send the link via WhatsApp or any other application.

By tapping the call link, individuals will be able to join an ongoing call.

Status link previews WhatsApp now displays rich previews of links shared as text status updates. The preview adds additional information and a brief excerpt to the link.

  • To use this function: Launch WhatsApp
  • Open the status tab and create a status update.
  • Copy the link you wish to share.
  • Now, await the generation of a preview.
  • Update your status.

Functionalities for Group administrators

Now, only group administrators will be notified when a member leaves.

Group administrators can now delete offensive or inappropriate messages from group members. Everyone can determine who deleted the message.

WhatsApp increases the group size limit to 512 and will soon allow up to 1024 members.

Undo Delete for me

Within a few seconds, WhatsApp now enables users to undo the ‘Delete for Me’ message. So, if you accidentally deleted a message for yourself by selecting the ‘Delete for Me option instead of the ‘Delete for Everyone option, you can recover the message by opening the WhatsApp chat and viewing the message you deleted for yourself.

  • You will notice the Undo option.
  • If you select the ‘Undo’ option, your message will be recovered.

Status Updates

Users of WhatsApp can now directly react to status updates with eight emoji options, similar to Instagram and Facebook.

  • Open a status
  • Tap the response option or swipe up on the status bar
  • There are emoji reactions.
  • Tap and send anything you want.

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