How to make Brussels sprouts in air fryer?

On the off chance that you love broiled Brussels sprouts, you will cherish air fryer Brussels sprouts!

I’ve been air singing ALL the things. I’m infatuated with that fresh crunchy surface that the air fryer gives vegetables. It’s clever in light of the fact that I figured our principle use for the air fryer would be for frozen french fries, yet as a general rule we’ve been air fricasseeing vegetables. It’s been all vegetables, constantly. Alright, and chicken, since I’m fixated on air seared chicken.

In any case, after the air fryer broccoli achievement, I realized the following vegetable I needed to do was Brussels sprouts. I love the way Brussels sprouts taste when simmered and I needed to do an air fryer correlation. The outcome: firm polished leaves with delicate fledglings. They’re not as delicate when you air fry, except if you add additional time, however I truly like vegetables with a touch of nibble, so I wouldn’t fret by any means. I particularly cherished that I had the option to have a veggie lover keto simmered Brussels sprout nibble so rapidly.

The most effective method to make the crispiest Brussels sprouts: air fryer release

  1. Manage and split the fledglings. Slicing the fledglings down the middle methods the inner parts will get delicate in a short measure of time. It’ll likewise give your fledglings more surface zone and more fresh.
  2. Throw with oil. Throw with a touch of oil so the fledglings get a pleasant brilliant tone and fresh up equally. Season with salt and pepper.
  3. Air fry. Air fry, halting from time to time to give the air fryer bushel a shake.
  4. While the fledglings are cooking, make a brisk dressing. At the point when the fledglings are done, throw in the dressing and appreciate right away!

Ace tip: I love adding aromatics when cooking noticeable all around fryer since it makes the fledglings more delightful and you will eat them thereafter. Air singed shallots (or onions or garlic) are DELICIOUS.


  1. Prep your fledglings by washing and thoroughly drying. Trim the bottoms and cut down the middle.

  1. Spot the fledglings noticeable all around fryer bushel and daintily fog with cooking shower or throw with a limited quantity of oil. Season with salt and pepper. Add the shallots, if utilizing.

  1. At 400°F put the air fryer on for 5 minutes. Shake and flip the fledglings, at that point set it again for 5 minutes at 400°F. Now the fledglings will be fresh and delicate for certain roasted leaves. Eliminate from the bin and appreciate!