BJP has a well thought-out strategy in Bengal polls


    The BJP has delivered another rundown of contender for the West Bengal Assembly races. The rundown, which incorporates the names of 4 sitting Members of Parliament, has caused a ton of whirlwind in the media.

    Rajya Sabha MP Swapan Dasgupta will challenge from Tarakeshwar, Union Minister and Asansol Lok Sabha MP Babul Surpiyo from Tollygunje, Hooghly Lok Sabha MP Locket Chatterjee from Chunchura, and Cooch Behar MP Nisith Pramanik from Dinhata.

    At the hour of declaration of up-and-comers of Trinamool Congress on March 5, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had joked that she may challenge from Tollygunje too.

    Albeit the gathering had reported the name of Aroop Biswas from the seat there is a solid buzz in Kolkata that Mamata may challenge from Tollygunje also after her physical issue. TMC considers Tolygunje a protected seat.

    Her leg is gauzed, which will limit her development for certain days. This will likewise confine her battling in Nandigram, a source from TMC said to Sunday Guardian.

    The BJP has viewed these bits of hearsay appropriately and has handled a solid possibility to nail down Mamata in the seat, in the event that she so chooses, to challenge from two seats. It would not like to give her a free run.

    While Babul Supriyo oozed certainty to win in Tollygunje, Dasgupta acknowledged the way that he hasn’t had any discretionary experience however with the assistance of frameworks and the BJP parivar, he would cross the boundary. Memento said that it is the gathering’s structure and we host to do what the get-together requests from us.

    The Trinamool Congress sneered the BJP for drafting MPs, and surprisingly an association serve as possibility for the West Bengal decisions just as taking numerous rounds to declare its rundown of competitors.


    The Trinamool Congress charged that the BJP doesn’t have possibility for every one of the 294 seats and is longing for winning the state races. The BJP, nonetheless, forgot about the charge that the gathering needed solid nearby up-and-comers and said that individuals of Bengal were “the genuine applicants”.

    The BJP is depending on star power as the challenge in Bengal has now prevalently transformed into a character challenge among Mamata and Modi. It was known from the start that BJP doesn’t have winnable competitors on every one of the seats. This is the reason it has been on a recruiting binge and on-boarding disappointed pioneers from all gatherings including TMC, Congress and CPM. Some serious weapons like Suvendu Adhikari have likewise joined the BJP.

    A comparative methodology was continued in Uttar Pradesh 2017 decisions also. Association Home Minister Amit Shah’s reasonable perspective is that on the off chance that you don’t have solid applicants, poach them from outside.

    In a challenge between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Mamata Banerjee, 33% individuals would in any case consider the neighborhood competitor profile while casting a ballot. This is the reason you need large pioneers/well known countenances to challenge.

    Setting up MPs for MLA decisions is an okay system. Regardless of whether an individual loses, he/she actually holds their seat in Parliament. This shows the reality of BJP to win the races at any expense. It additionally puts the top of the senior chiefs/MPs in line, with the message that they need to perform.

    Since a MP has impact more than seven Vidhan sabha seats, BJP trusts that their challenging will likewise decidedly affect close by seats of the space.

    Three of the MPs have been handled in South Bengal, Tarkeshwar, Tollygunj and Chunchura which is urgent for BJP. It is considered as a fortress of TMC and has 167 seats. BJP had neglected to make advances in this district in any event, during their breathtaking exhibition in 2019 general decisions. Gathering trusts their candidature will energize the unit.

    Every one of these seats likewise are metropolitan in nature. According to introductory assessments of public sentiment, BJP is battling in metropolitan regions, and through their candidature, the gathering trusts it will give a fillip to their possibilities.

    The BJP had cleared the Hills area during the Lok Sabha decisions. In any case, a year ago the provincial party and its partner Gorkha Janmukti Morcha quit NDA. This locale is a fortress of BJP and it fears loss of seats in the 27 seats there because of this factor. Nishit Pramanik has been handled from Dinhata because of this explanation.

    To summarize, the BJP has a thoroughly examined system in handling sitting MPs in Bengal. The way that it doesn’t have winnable contender for all seats is anything but a mystery and is a verifiable truth.