Apple Watch Pro: What to expect from Apple’s high-end “rugged” watch

Apple Watch Pro

Apple is rumored to be working on an updated “pro” version of the Apple Watch that will be sold alongside the Apple Watch Series 8 models. The Apple Watch Pro 8 will look different, be bigger, and cost more than the Apple Watch.

This guide collects everything we know about the Apple Watch Pro, which is expected to come out in September along with the Apple Watch Series 8 and the new iPhone 14 models.

Apple Watch Pro Design

Standard Apple Watch pro 8 models won’t get a new look, but the Apple Watch Pro will probably get a new look. Mark Gurman of Bloomberg says that the design of the Apple Watch Pro will be “an evolution of the current rectangular shape.”

There were rumors in 2021 that the Apple Watch would have flat edges, but no such watch ever came out. The Apple Watch Pro probably won’t have a flat-edged design, so it won’t look like the Apple Watch Series 7 mockups we saw before the Series 7 launch.

Apple Watch Pro Durability

People have also called the Apple Watch Pro a “rugged” device made for people who do extreme sports. It will have a case that is more durable and better able to stand up to abuse. Athletes, hikers, and other people who use their watches in harsher conditions will be the target market.

The display will be bigger, and it will be made of material that won’t break easily. This will make it last longer.

Apple Watch Pro Casing Material

Apple wants to use a new titanium metal alloy that is stronger than aluminum and can handle heavy use better.


Apple Watch Pro Size

The Apple Watch Pro will be bigger than the 41mm and 45mm sizes that are already available. Gurman has said that it will be “a good bit bigger” than the current Apple Watch models and that it may be so big that only “a subset of customers” will be interested in it.

The diagonal size of the screen is expected to be two inches, which is seven percent bigger than the 1.9-inch diagonal size of the screen on the 45mm Apple Watch Series 7 and Series 8. This is because the device will have the same case as Series 7.

It is said to have a screen resolution of 410 x 502 pixels, and the extra screen space could be used to show more fitness data on a single screen.

Apple Watch Pro Battery Life

Since the Apple Watch Pro will be bigger, it will likely have a bigger battery to let you work out for longer. With a rumored low-power mode coming to Series 8 models, the Apple Watch Pro might not need to be charged for several days.

Apple Watch Pro in Health Benefits

The Apple Watch Pro is expected to have the same features as the Apple Watch Series 8, except for a bigger and more durable case. This means it will have all the features rumored for Series 8.

There are rumors that the Apple Watch Series 8 models will get a temperature sensor that will let them tell if a user’s body temperature is higher than usual. The temperature sensor probably won’t be able to give an exact reading, but it will be able to show how the temperature changes.

Since the Apple Watch will only be able to measure skin temperature, it won’t be as accurate as a thermometer that can measure core body temperature. When it comes out, Apple is likely to use this to plan and track fertility.

Apple Watch Pro Other Possible Features

There have been rumors that the next-generation Apple Watch and iPhone could have a feature that can detect a car crash. This feature would use the accelerometer to measure a change in gravitational force that happens when an accident happens. When the Apple Watch senses a crash, it could automatically call for help.

Apple is working on an S8 chip for the Apple Watch Series 8 models, but based on what we know now, it won’t be much better than the S7 chip in the Apple Watch Series 7. There have also been rumors of changes to how activity tracking works, but we don’t know what they are yet.

Apple Watch Pro Price

The Apple Watch Pro won’t be cheap because it has a bigger body and a titanium shell. It is likely to cost between $900 and $999, which would make it more expensive than the current Apple Watch Edition made of titanium, which costs $849.

Apple will sell the Apple Watch Pro alongside the Apple Watch Series 8, which is expected to cost the same as the Series 7. It is not clear yet if the Apple Watch Pro will replace the current titanium Apple Watch Edition models.

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