Why is Telecom Draft Bill 2022 destined to fail?


The government of India launched the Telecom Draft Bill 2022 on September 21st, 2022, and as soon as it was launched, there was a huge wave of outrage both from the media and the stakeholders of India’s digital ecosystem, it looks like a disaster, and the fun fact is that if this bill passes, the government might indirectly force you to pay for WhatsApp, FaceTime, and Telegram, and more importantly, it will kill the progress of its very own vision.  How did WhatsApp enter the picture, and most importantly, how will it affect the lives of ordinary people like you and me? If you find this video useful, please share it with as many people as possible to educate them about this important garment policy. To understand the first segment of this controversy, we must first understand the difference between carrying age and content.

The print gave out a very beautiful analogy by saying that Carriage is the highway that allows you to go from one place to another and in the context of Telecom, it’s the telecommunication Network that carries bytes from one machine to another whereas content is what rides on this Carriage it’s like the truck that rides on the highway. the message that you send to your friend on WhatsApp is the content that is being carried through the carrier First and foremost, the Department of Telecommunications has proposed that if a Telecom entity in possession of spectrum goes bankrupt or insolvent, the assigned Spectrum will revert to the control of the center, so there has been a lack of clarity until now on whether the Spectrum owned by the defaulting operator must belong to the center or whether banks can take control of it.

Second, the draught Bill gives the center the authority to convert into equity, write off, or grant relief to any licensee under extraordinary circumstances such as financial stress, consumer interest, and maintaining competition, which, given the state of the Indian telecom industry, could be a huge benefit to Vodafone. In the aftermath of two storms, Amravati has imposed Section 144. pending incidents in the city internet services have been suspended in the city for three days following the violent protests have been suspended for five days across the state in an urgent order caused by the state government last night so for the first time in the Indian legal framework, a specific provision is enabling the government to order the suspension of Internet power however the major concern over here is that in case of riots and chaos the government has ordered the suspension of Internet power small container small containers.

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Second, as was previously stated, a shutdown of the internet by the current or incoming government could prove to be a security and economic disaster, so Public Safety is of paramount importance. Third, software and software services are one of the most important industries in India, and this industry solely depends on the ability to operate in an environment that values Innovation and is not choked by Regulatory Compliance. Therefore, regulation must not kill this engine of innovation.