Which NATO weapons did Russia use in Ukraine?


Weapons to help Ukraine fight Russia. Following the US in terms of military aid are the UK and the EU. Ukraine’s arsenal has received military equipment from throughout the world. Some of these weapons have been taken by Russian forces, which unintentionally hurts Western backers of Ukraine. indirectly Military equipment for Russia As Moscow forces seize more armored vehicles and weapons from the Kia of the government granted by the U.S. and its partners.

What NATO-specific military equipment has Russia taken with it?

Russian defense minister Sergey Shoigu assessed a Swedish-made CV 90 infantry fighting vehicle taken by Russian servicemen in Ukraine. After the surviving crew members fled, an RPG-7 rocket, originally employed in the early 1960s, rendered the fully armored vehicle, one of the most advanced in its class, useless. The Russian troops promptly took the car. On August 4, 2023, the Moscow Defence Ministry stated that the retrieved CV-90 was one of many armored vehicles. Russian troops had stolen from the military under the administration.

Caesar self-propelled a howitzer shortly after the heightening of the Ukrainian conflict in February 2022. Initial reports emerged about the capture of Western weaponry and arms by Russian troops by June 2022. Regis de Castel, a French politician, expressed regret that two Caesar howitzers provided to Kiev by France had been taken by Russian forces. This was quickly corroborated by Uralwaggon Savod, a prominent Russian defence contractor. After Kiev’s June counter-offensive, Western weapons were taken more often.

This military operation relied heavily on NATO armoured vehicles, particularly German Leopard main battle tanks and U.S. Bradley infantry fighting vehicles. These were supposed to help Ukrainian soldiers penetrate Russian defences, but the counteroffensive was a disaster. In June 2023, the Russian defence ministry announced that Russian troops had seized a number of Leopard tanks and Bradley infantry fighting vehicles in the Zaparosi region.

The ministry emphasised that certain of the seized aircraft had been equipped with anti-aircraft missiles. Additionally, a group of Russian soldiers stood next to a mostly undamaged Bradley infantry fighting vehicle and mocked Ukrainian President Zielinski.

In June, one of them mentioned using a tractor unit to tow the Bradley back to their military base. A separate video released by the Russian Ministry of Defence showed the untimely fate of a French Amx10 RC wheeled armoured combat vehicle supplied to Kiev by Paris, which was deserted by the withdrawing Ukrainian troops.

The Himars missile launcher system In many issues, former Russian military intelligence officer Anatoly Matfichook made an unusual point. He said Russian air defence systems were more efficient and that Pan-Sea missile systems intercepted Hemar’s missiles. Matfi Chuck suggested that Russian engineers found a weapon vulnerability that led to this result. This was discovered through studying Highmar’s captured rockets.

The Russian government aggressively encourages Ukrainian soldiers to destroy and acquire Western military equipment, rewarding them financially.

British Storm Shadow cruise missile The Russian military seeks Western weapons beyond firearms and armoured vehicles. In recent weeks, a military journalist reported that Russian soldiers operating with Western portable anti-tank weapons like the Javelin and in law captured from Ukrainian forces have become more common in the conflict zone.

According to multiple sources, the same correspondent saw Russian troops use a seized M2 Browning machine gun, eight Stinger anti-aircraft systems, and Javelin and Enlaw anti-tank missiles. Russia took the stinger anti-aircraft systems that the Ukrainian military abandoned on the battlefield.

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