Useful Web Content Curation Tools to Share Existing Content on The Web

Content Curation Tools

The ability to consistently produce high-quality, original content that will be engaging is not something you can guarantee. Because of these Content Curation Tools, you can share existing content on the internet with your audience, which is always a solid choice.


Despite its popularity, Pinterest is primarily a content curation tool. On your Pinterest board, you can “pin” photographs, articles, stories, and posts from other Pinterest accounts, which will appear on your home page.

Pinterest keeps track of the things you “pin” to your Pinterest page and saves them. Pinterest also keeps track of what you are “repinning” from other pages, and using this information, Pinterest will show you only the content that is relevant to your interests. You can then use this handpicked information on other social media platforms, such as Pinterest.

You can access the content without creating an account, but you must do so in order to do so. It’ll make it easier for you to gather and select the content you require in any format (pictures, text, articles, posts, etc.)


Discovering the best web content is made easy with Pocket. You may save articles, movies, and stories to your Pocket library by clicking on the Pocket button or by using the Pocket app. Get suggestions based on what you like and content that Pocket has chosen just for you, as well!

Tags allow you to organize saved information in your Pocket list so that you can discover the content you’re looking for later on fast and easily. This tool also enables you to highlight passages from articles or tales and keep track of the most intriguing sections of them.

Each piece of saved content can be read and shared at any point in time, even while the computer is not connected to the internet. You can use Pocket on any device that is compatible with mobile devices. Creating a free Pocket account is all that is required to use Pocket as a content curation tool.


A content discovery tool, ContentGems will assist you in finding articles and curating information to share with your audience. It is free to use. Using the ContentGems tool, you don’t need any coding skills, which is a big bonus.

In order to find new and interesting information, ContentGems examines reliable online sources. You and your audience will enjoy this content because it is relevant to both of your goals. By adding URLs to your bundle, you can browse any feed or create your own feeds collection. Use keywords to filter your content with ContentGems.

You can design a custom filter if none of the pre-made ones work for you. With the help of this new filter, you’ll be able to find only the stuff you want. If you want to use ContentGems for free, you can do so, or you can pay for one of three subscription plans (Pro $10, Premium $99, or API $299 – all per month).

For both personal and business use, this can be a good choice. All you have to do is join up for a personal account, which is entirely free. After that, you can curate content and share it with others. This content can be used to develop web pages or automatically be shared on social media.

Newsletter templates are also provided so you may customize everything to your liking. It’s also a fantastic tool for teams. Content curation and sharing are much easier when working in a team environment. When you use this service, you’ll be able to monitor content automatically, and all curated content that you share with your team will be kept private.

If you want to share content on websites, WordPress blogs, and various social media pages, or send it out as a newsletter through email, you may store and categorize it in a database. Your free account can be upgraded to Pro for $11,99/month or to Plus for $67/month.

Post Planner

Schedule your chosen content to go live on social media using Post Planner, a social media planner. Creating a publishing schedule is as simple as adding the content you want to share to a calendar and scheduling it. If your article is popular, you can use Post Planner’s Post Recycling feature to automatically re-publish it.

Cross-posting can be scheduled for any social network using Post Planner. You can also use the live preview function to see how your post will appear on any of your social media platforms or web pages before publishing it.

Content curation tools like Post Planner let you share the finest of what you’ve found on various social media platforms directly from the app. There is a 7-day free trial included with every premium subscription. Starter costs $5 per month, Solo costs $19 per month, and Business costs $39 per month.

Twitter Lists

In order to save posts that have been shared on Twitter, Twitter provides you with the ability to build lists. As a free content curation tool, this feature is known as Twitter Lists.

Based on what you’re interested in, create a list. On your timeline, you can share these lists with your friends. Links to your lists can be shared in a variety of ways (web, iOS, and Android).


The time you save (and the stress you save) by using one of these content curation tools will allow you to devote more time to other aspects of your business.