Twitter Findings included Stock and Cryptocurrency Prices


In the middle of all the confusion, Twitter added a feature that makes it easy to look up the prices of listed company shares and cryptocurrencies.

To do this, users just need to type the dollar sign followed by the ticker symbol, like “$GOOD” or “$ETH” in the search bar, and Twitter will show the current price. This can also work without the $ sign, but it’s less reliable and doesn’t always give you the stock or cryptocurrency prices you want.

But then when it continues to work, customers will receive a static image with Today’s market cap and a chart with no knowledge well about X or Y axis. So, best of luck figuring that out. It looks like a price chart for that stock’s most recent closing price, but it’s not very clear.

Twitter didn’t say which symbols are on the list for immediate share price search results. The company also said that in the next few weeks, it would improve this same user experience and make it easier to use symbols. At the moment of writing, for example, booking ($ABNB) but rather Zoom ($ZM) stock prices didn’t show up in a Twitter search.

Twitter is a disaster

Since Musk joined Twitter, it has been a busy couple monthsnth there. In just the last week, the company prohibited connections and controls to other social media sites such as Instagram, and Mastodon and then quickly changed its mind. The company also started the Shades for Business plan, which gives organizations and their employees an extra badge that shows which brands they work with.

Twitter sends people who want to know more about a specific stock or cryptocurrency to the ‘Robinhood’ website. However, ‘Robinhood’ gets its details from TradingView, which can be seen by the small TradingView logo in the upper right corner of the premium display. At the moment, it’s not clear if Twitter will work with Robinhood, TradingView, or both of them.

At the moment, the feature shows the prices of all well-known stocks and cryptocurrencies, but some important ones like Zoom ($ZM) and Homeaway ($ABNB) are not included. Twitter said, though, that it will make a lot more changes to the feature in the months ahead.

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