Some people say that holding sport competitions causes many troubles. Others disagree.Discuss both views.


There is no doubt that sports play a vital role in our lives. Some individuals believe that various sport competitions held may cause certain concerns, while others opine that such events are essential. This essay shall discuss both views with examples.

On the one hand, organising sporting events such as Olympics, may involve a huge investment, as the infrastructure of the city, where such events are being held may need to be appropriate for the participants and audience. This is because, many athletics across the globe participate in such renowned events. As a result, to give such them an experience worth-while, investment is likely to be required. To cite an example, the Indian Government had spent around 10 crore for conducting the Olympics in New Delhi, which is the capital of India. In short, sport events conducted may involve huge budgets from the government’s.

On the other hand, many would support the fact that sports competitions play an essential role in bring nations together. This is because, participation happens among different demographics of the society. To illustrate, IPL cricket matches, consist of players from different parts of the world, though having one aim of wining the match as a team. As a consequence, all differences are set a side and great bonds are formed. In other words, sport competitions help develop bonds among nations.

To conclude, many believe that, sport competitions may involve a large amount of money, for maintaining infrastructure. However, others support the fact that such events bring countries together to create bonds of friendship.