Some people believe that watching TV is good and makes life more enjoyable; others, however, think it is a waste of time. Do you agree or disagree? Give your own opinion.


This is a universally acknowledged fact that from the last 2 decades television is being considered as one of the entertainment mediums that is gaining popularity day by day. Thus, some people hold the opinion that watching TV is interesting and makes life more enjoyable; whereas, others have the conflicting views. Well, I disagree with this statement that watching TV is a waste of time. Here, in the below essay I will try to enunciate on this fact with my own perception.

To begin with, undeniably, there are couple of reasons why many people hold the opinion that watching TV is good. Firstly, by watching TV we will come to know what is happening around us through different news channels. For example, news channels keep us posted and gives us information related to weather, terrorist attacks and different kinds of strikes and about nature calamities. Consequently, a person planning to travel to some other destination can either postpone his travel after watching TV to avoid any mishap. Secondly, there are many scientific channels that provide cognitive information’s that helps in improving the general knowledge for audiences especially for kids. For example, channels like Discovery and National Geographic. Finally, people can watch different kind of entertainments on TV as per their interest such as movies, drama serials and cartoon channels by simply pressing buttons on a remote. By the contrast, others have the conflicting views.

As per them, some TV channels telecast programs that are not appropriate for certain age audiences especially adolescents. As these channels show violence and adult contents. Moreover, people arguing on this fact think that; nowadays, youngsters are suffering from many maladies as they are living sedentary lifestyle and one of the reasons for living this life is watching TV for longer hours in a day. Probably, in this 21st century personal bonding and communications between friends and family is getting reduced: again the reason is watching TV; nowadays, most of the people spend their leisure time watching TV. However, this was not the case in the olden days where people used to spend time talking to each and others after coming from their daily work.

To recapitulate, by looking at the above facts; definitely, there are some negative sides of watching TV; however, in my viewpoint watching TV has more advantages in terms of gaining knowledge. Therefore, I disagree with this fact that watching TV is a waste of time.