These 5 Solar Energy Startups Are Breaking New Ground In The Field Of Renewable Energy

Solar Energy

Solar has become critical to our expanding energy needs. Renewable energy was always an important aspect of India’s growth. Solar power systems harness the sun’s clean, pure energy to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Many firms have developed in this field in recent years, trying to scale renewable energy sources and reduce the usage of natural resources and their environmental impact. They also offer complete end-to-end services to the market and people.


Gurugram-based ZunRoof is addressing energy challenges by utilizing underutilized rooftops of homes and workplaces to install solar panels.

sunroof, a home-tech startup driven by a mix of image analysis, VR technology, IoT, and data analytics, was founded by the two in 2016.

Across 75+ locations in India, the startup has assessed over 250,000 households and designed over 30,000 rooftop solar systems. It has installed rooftop solar systems with a capacity of 15 MW and more than 50,000 IoT devices.

In February 2020, the clean energy firm claimed to have grown 3-4X year over year and exceeded $1 million in monthly revenue.


MYSUN is a provider of end-to-end solar rooftop solar systems that was founded in 2016. The company does not manufacture solar panels and instead provides services. It has partnered with various manufacturing companies to install solar panels across India.

The Delhi-based technology platform, founded by Gagan Vermani, provides rooftop solar energy services for industry, SMEs/MSMEs, and residences. MYSUN, according to Gagan, has over 80,000 registered clients in business, residential, and retail spaces.


Orjan is a roof-top solar platform system that provides solutions for installing and maintaining solar panels for homes and businesses, to bring solar energy to as many people as possible.

To that purpose, it provides a variety of design alternatives and, most crucially, aids in the acquisition of funding.

AP Solar Works 

Indore-based AP Solar Works offers low-cost solar solutions to help people become self-sufficient in their energy usage.

It was established in 2016 by Akshay Gupta and Pankaj Yadav to supply solar rooftop systems to residential, commercial, and industrial clients to assist them in generating electricity through the installation of solar panels.

The cleantech startup promises to generate Rs 3.5 crore in annual income. In 2019, the solar industry newspaper SolarQuarter awarded AP Solar Works the State Leadership Award for Best Solar Rooftop Company in MP.

URON Energy

URON Energy is a solar energy firm established in Ahmedabad that provides end-to-end solar solutions from concept to commissioning to clients in the corporate, residential, and government sectors.

Urvish Dave, Khrushendu Choksi, and Raaj Patel founded the company in October 2019 to become a quality player in the solar energy industry and provide clients with complete transparency.

Organic photovoltaics, which can be customized to any shape, are also available from URON. It also uses robots to clean the panels using waterless cleaning technology.

The clean energy startup has completed eight projects since its beginnings. It has three places where its solutions have been implemented (a total of 2.2 MW). It also offers solar energy services on the ground and the roof.


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