Galaxy Ring From Samsung Appears To Be The Company’s Upcoming Smart Device

Galaxy Ring

Some of the best things you can wear to track your health and exercise are Samsung Galaxy smartwatches and bands. The company has been making them successfully for years, but there are rumours that they are now thinking about expanding into other areas. It wants to get into the market for smart rings with its own product. The gadget could be called the Galaxy Ring, but other names have also been registered as trademarks.
Samsung Galaxy Ring Development Begins

According to a story from the Korean newspaper The Elec, Samsung has started making the Galaxy Ring. It has given the job of making printed circuit boards, or PCBs, for the smart ring to a company in Japan called Meiko. It is the same company that supplied HDI PCBs for the Galaxy S23 line of smartphones after Ibiden was bought out.

There is no clear information about when the Galaxy Ring will be available. This is because making a smart ring is a much harder and more expensive process than making a monitor or fitness tracker. It’s because the company has to fit all the needed technology into a much smaller area.

For those who don’t know, a smart ring is a personal device that tracks your health and looks like a normal ring. It has the sensors needed to keep track of different actions so that users can stay fit. Since it’s a ring, it’s easy to wear for long periods of time and even while sleeping.

ECG and PPG monitors are said to be in the Galaxy Ring. It should have all the health and fitness benefits of a smart ring, but nothing is set in stone. Samsung has also trademarked the names Galaxy One, Galaxy Pulse, and Galaxy Rhythm, so even the name of the device is not certain.

Now is not the time to get too excited about the Galaxy Ring. At least until the first version is made, we will have to wait. Samsung’s plans for the smart ring will depend on how well the first version works. If everything goes as planned, it will be the first big global brand to release a smart ring.

Also, keep in mind that when and if the Galaxy Ring comes out, it won’t be cheap. This is because any new technology that is hard to set up will cost more in the beginning. Still, we’ll let you know as soon as more information about the Galaxy Ring shows up online.

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