Review of Samsung Galaxy A52 5G – the best Android phone of 2021

Samsung Galaxy A52 5G

Samsung has made the best Android telephone of 2021, the Galaxy S21 Ultra, however at more than $1,000 it’s a genuine venture. The Samsung Galaxy A52 5G costs not exactly 50% of the sum expected to get a S21 Ultra, yet does that mean it’s not worth considering? Samsung has taken tremendous steps forward with the attractive quality and by and large capacity of its mid-range A-arrangement equipment, and keeping in mind that the A52 5G clearly isn’t the S21 Ultra’s equivalent, it has an extraordinary arrangement making it work.

While we expect cell phones to have nice cameras and great programming, Samsung has pondered what highlights will upgrade the A52 5G in a significant manner and added them. It transforms a decent telephone into an extraordinary one. I’ve been living with the Galaxy A52 5G, and this is the thing that it resembles.

Design of Samsung Galaxy A52 5G

Try not to spend too much time contemplating what the Galaxy A52 5G is made of, ponder what it looks like and feels. The matte completion back board has a delicate, glass-like completion that is warm to the touch while as yet giving a reasonable level of grasp, and the undercarriage has a gleaming chrome finish. It’s not metal and the back board isn’t glass, however from good ways, you’d never know. The camera module has all the earmarks of being important for its back, advancing the figment being produced using a significantly more costly material than it truly is.

Samsung Galaxy A52 5G

The white shade of my audit test looks phenomenal and doesn’t pull in unsavoury stamps or fingerprints, albeit the chrome finish on the sides has figured out how to get a couple of little scratches during my experience with the telephone. You need to look hard to track down them however. In spite of being 189 grams (6.6 ounces), it’s weighted impeccably and camouflages this higher-than-anticipated mass well overall.

Another unforeseen pleasure is the telephone actually discovers space for a 3.5mm earphone jack, close by a USB-C charging port on the lower part of the telephone, in addition to the SIM plate has space for a MicroSD card as well. The telephone is 8.4mm thick and the general shape is very “gotten down to business,” which prompts the one slight disadvantage of the A52 5G in that it feels very huge, particularly when attempting to utilize it with one hand. It’s certainly feasible, but rather contrasted with a sleeker, more bended telephone like the OnePlus 9 Pro — which is practically a similar width as the A52 5G — the scope of thumb development is perceptibly less.

Samsung Galaxy A52 5G

Notwithstanding, this isn’t a special thing to the Galaxy A52 5G, and slight stoutness to the side, it’s generally an extraordinary looking, even, premium-feeling cell phone without an exorbitant cost.


Indeed, the screen has an observable bezel, yet no it doesn’t actually matter. The jawline is the biggest scope, and surprisingly then the A52 5G actually resembles an advanced telephone. The 6.5-inch Super AMOLED has a 2400 x 1080-pixel goal and a 120Hz invigorate rate, counteracting any worries about the bezels. At the point when I began utilizing the Galaxy A52 5G, I had come directly from the less expensive $250 Nokia 5.4, which has one of the dimmest cell phone screens I’ve utilized. The A52 5G has twofold the brilliance and is neat in most outside circumstances, in addition to the survey points are astounding.

Samsung Galaxy A52 5G

It’s sublime to take a gander at. We generally sang the commendations of the screen on the Galaxy S20, the Galaxy S20 FE, and surprisingly the Galaxy S10 before it. You truly get similar visual experience as these telephones with the Galaxy A52 5G, however for significantly less cash. Watching Carfection’s survey of the Nomad R, the tones and vibrance of the environmental factors jump off the screen. Moving to Evo’s examination trial of the vehicle, and the A52 5G’s eagerness to show a lot of detail, and its superb differentiation levels, are for the most part in plain view.

An incredible looking, even, premium-feeling cell phone without an excessive cost.

Add the 120Hz revive rate for smooth looking all through the working framework — it’s movable to 60Hz in the event that you need to focus on battery life — and the little selfie camera in a top-focus opening punch and the Galaxy A52 5G’s screen is equivalent to some undeniably costlier telephones. A genuine high place of the telephone, up until you get to the security.

Samsung Galaxy A52 5G

The Galaxy A52 5G has an in-show finger impression sensor, yet unfortunately it’s not the updated adaptations utilized in the Galaxy S21 territory, however the more seasoned considerably less dependable variant that baffled us about the Galaxy S20 Ultra and Note 20 Ultra. Its trickiness, where it as often as possible won’t perceive any info, implies I turned it off out of disappointment, and that makes it a genuine security issue. There’s face open to depend on, however even this isn’t the quickest or most exact framework. I’ve depended on a PIN to get the A52 5G because of inadequacies brought about by the telephone’s equipment, and that is not sufficient.

Camera of Samsung Galaxy A52 5G

The perfect five-camera module on the rear of the Galaxy A52 5G has a 64-megapixel principle camera with optical picture adjustment, Phase Detection Autofocus, and a f/1.8 opening. There is a 12MP wide-point camera and a couple of 5MP cameras for full scale and profundity. It can shoot video at 4K and 30 edges for each second (fps), in addition to there’s a Night mode and Samsung’s Single Take mode as well.

Samsung Galaxy A52 5G

Photographs are for the most part great. On splendid days it doesn’t over-soak and shows a satisfying range with sufficient fly to make the photos eye-getting. Nonetheless, there are times where the camera features green tones excessively, bringing about a marginally unnatural look, yet this is generally when utilizing the wide-point camera. There is additionally almost no consistency between the fundamental and wide-point camera, and some may likewise discover the HDR impact is excessively awkward.

Samsung Galaxy A52 5G

Representation mode is respectable and tracks down its subject well, despite the fact that edge-acknowledgment doesn’t challenge costlier Galaxy models. The Galaxy A52 5G’s camera isn’t pretty much as refined as the Google Pixel 4a’s, and truly experiences similar issues as more established Samsung cameras — irregularity and some over-immersion — however I never decided not to snap a picture with it, and in consistently circumstances it took photographs I discovered to be entirely satisfactory.

Software and performance

It’s Android 11 with OneUI 3.1 introduced on my survey Galaxy A52, which is controlled by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 750G processor and 6GB of RAM. The product is practically equivalent to that introduced on the Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21+, and Galaxy S21 Ultra, so investigate those surveys for more prominent detail. Significantly, I don’t have any worries about the speed, perfection, or usefulness of the product on the A52 5G.

Samsung Galaxy A52 5G

Samsung’s OneUI 3.1 is not difficult to use with clear menus and settings. The notices are solid and most can be collaborated with, in addition to I like the consistently on screen with its accommodating symbols and enormous time show. Samsung has taken out (or covered up) its Samsung Daily screen and supplanted it with Google News when you swipe to one side on the home screen, which I for one discover more helpful. I’ve utilized OneUI a great deal this year, and haven’t thought that it was disappointing (aside from the force key) or a helpless entertainer and that pattern proceeds on the A52 5G.

Maybe than utilize one of its own Exynos processors, Samsung has prepared the Galaxy A52 5G with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 750G octa-center chip, whether or not you’re in the U.S. or then again the U.K. It’s extraordinary for games, with both Asphalt 9: Legends and Genshin Impact playing quite well, without producing a lot of warmth. It doesn’t have the moment reaction you get with the Galaxy S21 Ultra, however I’ve been utilizing it consistently for ordinary errands and it hasn’t thought twice. Top-specs are consistently decent, yet the Snapdragon 750G does all you require.

Samsung Galaxy A52 5G

Battery life from the 4,500mAh cell has been generally excellent, with two days effectively feasible with typical use. In the event that you go frantic on games this will change, however with general use, some photographs and video, and the 120Hz screen dynamic, I’ve completed most days with over half excess. Charging is wired distinctly at Samsung’s quickest 25W paces, which means around 80 minutes to full. Remote charging would have been an invite expansion, yet it’s uncommon at this cost.

Cost and accessibility

The 6GB/128GB Galaxy A52 5G expenses $499 in the U.S. also, 399 British pounds in the U.K. It’s accessible through Samsung’s own online store and retailers including Amazon. You can get it in the white tone seen here, or in dark, blue, or violet.