Samsung Galaxy A24, A34, and A54 will be released without depth-sensing cameras

Samsung Galaxy

Breaking news! Samsung Galaxy is copying Nothing! Well, not really, but a new report from its home country of Korea says that it will get closer to the new brand’s ideas about cameras next year.

It is said that Samsung will remove the useless depth-sensing cameras from the backs of the Galaxy A24, A34, and A54 models that will come out in 2023. It won’t also get rid of these phones’ almost useless macro cameras, so it’s only halfway to becoming more like Nothing, which just announced a phone with only two main camera sensors and the ultrawide camera sensor.

Since a few years ago, it has been an open secret in the industry that most mid-range phones in that price range only have two useful cameras: the main one and the ultrawide one. However, manufacturers have felt the need to add at least one extra unit, if not two, like a depth sensor here, a monochrome one there, and a macro cam somewhere else.

Has this sensor inflation, which turned out to be a sign of the real inflation, ever made anyone think that a $200 Samsung, Poco, or Redmi has a great camera because it has so many sensors? Who can say? But this trend needs to end as soon as possible, and it looks like Samsung will help. Or, if this rumor is true, it will get off to a good start.

The same report says that the Galaxy A24 will have a 50 MP main camera, an 8 MP ultrawide camera, and a 5 MP macro camera, while the A34 will have a 48 MP main camera and the same 8 MP ultrawide and 5 MP macro cameras. If this report is true, it’s strange that the A54, which should be the best of this group, will only have a 5 MP ultrawide camera. This will be next to the 50 MP main camera and the 5 MP macro camera that Samsung is still forced to use.

Samsung will “strengthen” the important camera specs for the other sensors with the money it saves by not putting depth sensors in phones. The Galaxy A34 is expected to come out in March 2019, and the A54 is expected to come out a month later.

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