Russian Hackers Are Getting Ready For A New Cyberattack On Ukraine


Microsoft stated that it appears Russian hackers are planning a new wave of cyberattacks against Ukraine, including a threat of “ransomware” to organizations that help Ukraine’s supply lines. These organizations include ones that help Ukraine’s supply lines.

which was produced by the cyber security research and analysis division of the internet giant and describes a number of fresh findings regarding how Russian hackers have worked throughout the conflict in Ukraine and what may happen next.

“Since January 2023, Microsoft has observed a shift in the Russian government’s cyber threat activities, which are intended to enhance Russia’s capacity to inflict damage and collect intelligence on the civil and military assets of Ukraine and its partners. It would appear that one particular gang is getting set to launch a fresh destructive campaign.”

Officials from Western security agencies have stated that Russia has been adding more troops to the battlefield in eastern Ukraine at the same time that new findings have been released. The Minister of Defense of Ukraine, Oleksiy Reznikov, stated a month ago that Russia may ratchet up its military efforts around the anniversary of its invasion, which is on February 24. He stated that this may occur.

The Russian Embassy in Washington did not immediately respond to a request for a statement after receiving the request.

It has been suggested by various experts that Russia has previously engaged in activities that are analogous to the combination of traditional military operations with cyber methods.

“Combining physical attacks with measures to make it difficult or impossible for defenders to coordinate and deploy cyber-dependent technologies is not a novel approach,” said Emma Schroeder, who works for the Department of Homeland Security. He currently holds the position of associate director of the Cyber Statecraft Program at the Atlantic Council. a powerful Russian hacking group by the name of Sandworm was in the process of creating “new ransomware-style capabilities that may be utilised in devastating attacks on firms outside Ukraine that offer key duties in Ukraine’s supply chains.”

Hackers typically break into a company, encrypt their data, and then demand payment in order to regain access to the company. This type of assault is known as ransomware. In the past, ransomware was used to conceal other forms of harmful cyber activity, such as “wipers,” which are programs designed to simply remove data. more than one hundred Ukrainian enterprises have been targeted by at least nine distinct types of malware and two distinct types of ransomware since January 2022.

These shifts have been matched by an increase in Russia’s clandestine cyber operations, which are designed to cause direct harm to companies located in countries that support Ukraine.

“In countries all throughout the Americas and Europe, especially in Ukraine’s neighbors, Russian threat actors have tried to break into government and commercial organizations seeking to help Ukraine,” said Clint Watts, general manager of Microsoft’s Digital Security Analysis Center.

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