Review of LG STYLO 6

The LG Stylo 6 is a sub-$300 telephone with an inherent pointer, which places it in select organization: the $299 Motorola Moto G Stylus is pretty much its solitary direct rivalry. At its $270 cost, the Stylo 6 offers great battery execution; a major, splendid screen; and the convenient pen-determined highlights that pointer life offers. In any case, as much fun as I had doodling on its liberally measured screen, it’s simply too delayed to even think about suggesting.

That is a disgrace since I truly delighted in parts of utilizing this telephone. I was unable to appear to deplete the battery underneath the 30% imprint even on a day of weighty utilization, and I encountered genuine pleasure messaging my life partner an exactly drawn, energized doodle of a flatulating butt. Photographs look great on its striking, wide 6.8-inch screen, and I was enjoyably astounded to find while rewatching Chernobyl (don’t stress, I converse with my advisor about this) that it has sound system speakers.

Lamentably, that happiness was dominated each time the telephone took an additional beat to switch between applications, open Twitter, load my Instagram channel, or start my Google Maps route. It’s not unusably lethargic, yet it is perceptibly sluggish. In the event that you have the tolerance of a little creepy crawly as I do, there’s a scarce difference between the two.


The Stylo 6 is an enormous telephone, as you’d anticipate that a phone with a stylus should be. It offers a 6.8-inch 1080p LCD with a standard 60Hz revive rate and humble bezels. Its measurements are like the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, additionally a huge telephone, then again, actually it’s somewhat taller. The actual screen is bounty brilliant and clear, and the previously mentioned sound system speakers make watching recordings that cycle more pleasant.

I saw the telephone in general as too enormous to utilize easily one-gave, and it felt abnormal in even huge coat pockets. That is irrelevant, however, in the event that you’re thinking about the Stylo, you presumably definitely realize you need an enormous telephone, so whatever floats their boat.

The Stylo has 3GB of RAM and also comes with a Mediatek Helio P35 chipset. Thus lies the Stylo 6’s inconveniences: this processor and RAM mix simply doesn’t offer sufficient force for this telephone. I saw stammering regularly as I looked through media-rich screens on Twitter and Instagram. Same the recently referenced gradualness opening and exchanging among applications, and the camera experiences laggy preparing speeds, as well.

I at times tapped the screen, at that point contemplated whether the telephone had perceived the tap a brief moment before it opened an application or whatever I was attempting to do. Then again, I’d tap the screen too daintily or rapidly and stand by an additional prior second acknowledging it hadn’t enrolled, on the grounds that I’d become accustomed to giving the telephone some additional chance to do everything. This would all be more trivial (if as yet baffling) on a $200 telephone, however depending where you get the Stylo 6, it’s pushing nearer to $300 and should improve.

In the event that there’s a brilliant spot to the telephone’s handling hardships, it’s that battery life is incredible — conceivably as a result. The Stylo 6 has a 4,000mAh battery, and following a normal day with two or more long stretches of screen-on schedule, I was as a rule down to just 70%. I was certain a day of heavier use with Google Maps route, Spotify, and more web-based media looking than expected would challenge it, however probably not. I didn’t deplete it enough for a low battery cautioning prior to connecting it around evening time.

There’s only one setup offered with 64GB of underlying stockpiling, which isn’t extraordinary, yet it’s expandable via microSD. It ships with Android 10 and, lamentably, a great deal of preloaded applications and games that you most likely don’t need. LG isn’t known for a liberal overhaul plan so it’s improbable the Stylo 6 will see an Android 11 update.


Obviously, the pointer highlights are a major (sorry) draw here. The pointer is concealed and spring-stacked into the lower-right corner of the gadget, and it enacts a bunch of alternate routes when it’s taken out. You can take a speedy note, get a screen capture or a GIF of anything that’s on your screen, and imprint it up with notes, or attract something juvenile to text to your accomplice.

Notwithstanding Samsung’s Galaxy Note being the true pointer telephone, LG has been making telephones with pointers for a long time, and it shows with little UI contacts like naturally flipping off motion route when you start a note so you don’t inadvertently swipe out of it. You will not discover progressed highlights like the (substantially costlier) Galaxy Note arrangement offers here like penmanship to-message change or the capacity to utilize the pointer as a controller. Fundamentally however, it does everything you’d anticipate that it should do, and these highlights function admirably.

I was astonished by the amount I appreciated having the pointer accessible. It’s a lot simpler to draw or compose senseless notes on pictures with the pen as opposed to your finger, which I had fundamentally abandoned doing on the grounds that they generally look horrendous.

The capacity to likewise write down a fast note without turning the screen on is something I truly appreciated. I sense that I’m continually bobbling to open my telephone, discover the notes application, and open another note just to compose something fast like an email address or a melody title. None of this is remarkable contrasted with a Galaxy Note, obviously, yet the Stylo 6 has a bunch of really helpful highlights that aren’t normal, particularly at this value point.


The Stylo incorporates a 13-megapixel principle camera, a 5-megapixel ultrawide, a 5-megapixel profundity sensor, and a 13-megapixel selfie camera. That is not a ton of goal to work with, however it’s sufficient to permit the Stylo to take fair quality pictures in great light.

White equilibrium at times inclines excessively red or excessively green, which some of the time gave an impact I enjoyed — sort of a nostalgic film-like quality. At different occasions, pictures just looked excessively cool and cleaned out. I like how the Stylo handles high-contrast scenes; the HDR impact doesn’t look excessively solid. Your review picture will look excessively dull, yet a HDR symbol on the screen demonstrates that the last picture will look significantly more adjusted.

Pictures in low light or moderate indoor lighting search OK for online media yet show a great deal of spread detail in the event that you look carefully. The ultrawide focal point is to some degree restricted by its low-res sensor. Indeed, even in brilliant sunshine shots subtleties look streamlined, and it’s only not up to low light photography.

The camera is additionally a casualty of the telephone’s underpowered processor, especially in picture mode. The live see is very laggy, which deteriorates once you push the shade and trust that the telephone will deal with the picture. This can take up to six seconds, during which you can’t take another picture.

It’s difficult to know whether you got the correct casing of your subject, and it’s a disappointing encounter attempting to photo a subject that is moving even only a smidgen since you can’t “splash and supplicate.” The camera keeps shade speeds generally low, as well, so hazy subjects can be an issue. By sheer karma I got a representation mode photograph of my feline mid-yawn, yet I wouldn’t rely on having the option to do that once more.

I caught a couple of pictures with the Stylo that I truly like, yet I sensed that it was more disregarding the camera instead of as a result of it. The pictures this telephone catches will look OK on Instagram and Facebook, yet in general, the Stylo’s camera abilities linger behind most different gadgets at this cost.

The Stylo 6 has a couple of beneficial things making it work: a moderate cost, implicit pointer, big screen, and extraordinary battery life. Yet, considering in its deficiencies, specifically an underpowered processor, it is anything but a gadget I can without much of a stretch suggest.

Indeed, even around its $270 value, there are numerous other more competent alternatives. The $300 OnePlus Nord N10 5G offers a superior camera and processor. The 2021 Motorola Moto G Power incorporates a gigantic battery and better processor execution for $200. Neither of those accompanies a pointer, obviously, however I don’t think the Stylo 6 is even your smartest choice for a reasonable telephone with a pointer: for simply somewhat more, the 2021 Moto G Stylus offers better execution and an overhauled camera.

On the off chance that speed isn’t a worry, a pointer is an unquestionable requirement have, and the cost is correct, I figure you can carry on with a sensibly cheerful existence with this telephone. Perhaps my understanding is simply excessively meagre, and a more illuminated individual can exist together calmly with it. Most of us would do best to look somewhere else.