Tech features of the Razer Anzu smart glasses

The Razer Anzu savvy glasses let you tune in to music, answer calls, and secure your eyes—all inside a jazzy casing. Look at the present blog to investigate more features of this brilliant wearable.

Razer’s most recent savvy glasses are extraordinary for occupied experts, music sweethearts, and those needing to delete the inconvenient impacts of delayed screen time. Flaunting in excess of a five-hour battery life on a solitary charge and an IP4X water-opposition insurance, they’re incredible for wearing outside and in a hurry.

Answer calls while you’re getting things done

The Razer Anzu shrewd glasses offer sans hands talking, so you can address companions on the telephone or go to business calls while you’re in a hurry. Specifically, these open-ear sound glasses include two cautious omnidirectional mouthpieces inside the edge to viably get your voice while you’re on calls. Subsequently, you will not need to continually rehash the same thing or stress over being misheard.

Further down the casings, the glasses include two implicit speakers (one on each side), so you can hear the other party with clearness.

Also, to settle on your decisions smoother and more responsive, the Razer Anzu glasses sport a 60 ms low-dormancy Bluetooth association. This permits you to remain submerged in discussion with insignificant sound deferral, no interruptions from foundation clamor, and no skipping.

Change tracks, answer a call, and more at the scramble of a catch

These shrewd glasses are easy to understand. With two touch-responsive tap motions controls on every sanctuary, you remain completely in charge. Along these lines, you can change tracks, recover calls, and even actuate voice right hand. What’s more, these control catches are discretely positioned to not overwhelm the casing’s plan.

Ensure your eyes while you work behind a PC

You’ve presumably caught wind of the negative wellbeing impacts of blue light on your rest quality and eye wellbeing. That is the reason Razer needs to decrease the effects of taking a gander at a screen the entire day. Since let’s be honest, you can’t generally get away from the screen.

These shrewd glasses offer blue light filtration insurance by 35% to diminish eye fatigue and permit you to feel new and centered. This innovation is now introduced in the glasses, so you needn’t change the focal points from work mode to time away from a gadget.

Experience UV assurance while you’re out in the sun

Further focusing on your wellbeing, these glasses are accessible with captivated substitution focal points that offer 99% UVA/UVB insurance. Along these lines, they’ll safeguard your eyes from the sun while you’re appreciating the outside.

These tech highlights are packaged up into a thin edge that appears to be like top of the line shades. Furthermore, they’re accessible with round or square shape focal points, making them reasonable for each face shape. Get yours from the authority site for $199.