Over Sugar Consumption Is Unhealthy. Some People Think That Governments Should Take Responsibility To Control It


Eating sugar in excessive amounts can lead to health problems. According to some people, governments are responsible for their citizens’ health and hence they ought to control sugar consumption while others opine that it is the duty of individuals. In my opinion, everyone should take care of their own health and control the intake of sugar as they understand their body requirements better than others.

It is the moral duty of the government to keep the nation healthy and fit. There are many ways through which excess sugar consumption can be controlled by the government. Firstly, the government should impose higher taxes on sugar and sugary products. For example, if the government levies a high tax rate on these products, their selling prices will be increased and people will be discouraged to buy them. Therefore, consumption will automatically go down. Secondly, governments should run health awareness programs to educate people about the adverse ramifications of over sugar intake. If they are aware of the negative side of having excess sugar, they will share the same with their family and friends too and this will motivate them not to include excess sugar in their diet.

On the other hand, no one can take care of a person’s health better than themselves as individuals know their own body requirements better. Also, everyone is different and cannot be measured on the same scale. For instance, if someone has a family history of diabetes then he should take precautions and consume less sugar than the others because he is more likely to develop diabetes. In addition, there are multiple ways through which people can regulate their sugar cravings. For example, they can use sugar-free products instead of real sugar.

To conclude, although governments should take the initiative to control excessive sugar intake, in my opinion, largely, it is the responsibility of individuals to restrict themselves from consuming more sugar and take precautions to avoid any negative consequences on health.

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