Apple Loop: Stunning iPhone 15 Specifications, Dark Sky Turns Black, and Apple’s Expensive iPhone Repair

iPhone 15

Apple Loop includes leaked iPhone 15 specifications, an expensive battery replacement, Apple cutting stock orders, wireless charging standards support, Apple’s awkward Mixed Reality headset, an App Store fine in France, and Dark Sky finally going dark.

Apple Loop is here to remind you of some of the numerous Apple-related conversations that have occurred over the past week.

How the iPhone 15 Will Discover Its Strength

TSMC’s discussion of its 3nm chip fabrication and what it would mean for its key partners have shed light on one of the crucial decisions that will enable the iPhone 15 family to deliver enhanced performance and longer battery life.

The performance of Apple’s next-generation A17 chipset, destined for the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max/Ultra, may have just been leaked via quotes from TSMC Chairman Mark Liu. TSMC is Apple’s primary chip supplier, and Liu confirmed that mass production of 3-nanometer chips has begun at its Tainan campus in southern Taiwan when discussing the company’s product timelines.”

Apple Increases Replacement Battery Costs

Apple will increase the price of battery replacements for several iPhone models later this quarter. Those with AppleCare+ naturally have the option to replace their battery when the battery health meter falls below 80%.

The cost of a non-warranty battery replacement for the iPhone 13, iPhone 12, and previous iPhone models will increase to $79 on March 1, 2023, Apple has revealed an increase by $20. According to a calculator that can be seen on Apple’s website, the cost to replace the battery in the majority of iPhone models is currently $69.”

Apple Reduces Order Due To Numerous Factors

Reportedly, Apple is decreasing its order book with Chinese suppliers, primarily for the Apple Watch, MacBook, and AirPods production lines. Details from the supply chain indicate that China’s severe CoVID lockdown restrictions have hampered manufacturing output and slowed demand for these products in key markets ” According to sources in China, Apple has reduced its orders from suppliers for nearly all of its products, causing AAPL shares to decline. The news that production at Foxconn’s major iPhone plant in Zhengzhou has returned to 90% capacity boosted Apple’s stock price. However, a new report about Apple reducing orders has resulted in a 3.55% decline for the company on NASDAQ.”

New Qi Standard Supports Apple

The Wireless Power Consortium has confirmed that Apple’s MagSafe technology will be incorporated into the Qi2 standard, which will be released later this year.

Gadgets that implement Qi2 in the future will utilize the same MagSafe magnetic technology seen in MagSafe devices made specifically for the Apple Macintosh iPhone 12 and later.”

The Faulty Prediction of Apple’s Mixed Reality Headset

Wayne Ma of The Information has detailed several features and peculiarities of Apple’s unconfirmed but highly anticipated mixed reality headset. The price tag of $3000 and the inclusion of an external battery pack, both of which are rumored to debut in 2023, are notably un-Apple-like.

According to four people who are aware of the conversations, Apple has reportedly explored setting the price at roughly $3,000 or higher, depending on the configuration of the device.

As of the previous year, the headset utilized an external, cable-connected battery pack as opposed to an integrated battery. Given Apple’s preference for cable-free designs, the design decision was controversial among the company’s engineers.”

French Government Sanctions App Store

Apple was fined $8.5 million by the French data protection authority CINL (National Commission on Informatics and Liberty). The fine is based on Apple’s use of customer data to personalize in-store advertising.

“In 2021 and 2022, in response to a dispute about the processing of personalization of advertising advertisements that were shown on the App Store, the CNIL undertook repeated audits to ensure compliance with the applicable regulations. with the applicable regulations.

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