How to Create a Digital Voter ID on a Mobile Device

Digital Voter ID

Mobile is the Swiss Army knife of the modern world, as it has numerous applications. DigiLocker, an app that keeps all virtual papers including Aadhaar, degree certificates, insurance certificates, and car paperwork, is one of the many online services made available by the Indian government in light of the increasing availability of affordable smartphones and the internet. with elections occurring across the nation, you can now download and store your digital voter ID card on your mobile device. Here is a guide on how to get a free digital voter ID card on an internet-connected smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

This is the official website for accessing the election commission of India’s various services; the portal can be used to register new voters, update the address on the voter ID, and download the digital voter ID, also known as e-EPIC, which is available in PDF format and can be stored on Digi Locker.

If you are a first-time user of the website, you can register using a phone number after you enter. Once you have entered the portal, click on the download e-Epic button and enter your 10-digit EPIC number, which is displayed on your Voter ID card.

Note that in order to download the e-Epic or the digital voter ID, your phone number must be associated with your voter ID. This is possible on the same site.

To link your cell number to your voter ID, visit the homepage of the election commission of India’s webpage ( and click on the forms. Next, pick the self or family option under Form 8 if you are attempting to download the voter ID of a family member.

Click on the Correction of Entries in the Existing Electoral Roll option on the page and input the phone number you wish to associate with your voter ID. Please note that it will take a few days for the gateway to authenticate your information and associate a phone number with your voter ID.

Once the phone number is associated with the voter ID, go to and enter the necessary information, such as the EPIC number, and validate the information. Verify your phone number with an OTP, then click download e-EPIC to obtain a digital voter ID on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. You can also obtain a replacement voter ID online by filling out Form 8, which will be sent to the address listed on your voter ID.

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