How Qatar is Gaining Power by Emulating Hitler


Qatar has been chosen to host the 222 FIFA World Cup. to accommodate the cop The tiny Gulf Nation went on a stadium-building binge, bringing in tens of thousands of migrant workers.

The tournament is highly contentious and costly; costs have already surpassed $200 billion and may rise even further. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Egypt, United Arab Emirates Bahrain, and others have severed diplomatic ties with Qatar over what they claim is Qatar’s support for terrorist groups. They also let oppressive regimes organize major events such as the Olympics. Sports washing makes you forget about a country’s crime and instead, you see the wonderful Opening Ceremonies and hundreds of athletes having fun.

After the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar has been the most sensational event of the year, and by now you must have heard about the bizarre economics behind this world cup. For those who don’t know, while South Africa spent 3.6 billion dollars to host the World Cup, Brazil spent 15 billion dollars, and Russia spent 11.6 billion dollars, but Qatar has already spent over 200 billion dollars just to host the World Cup.

Qatar’s vulnerabilities and how much Qatar is an integer the first one that Qatar has is the over-dependence on oil and gas if you look at their GDP almost 60%, of their GDP comes only from oil and gas, and considering the world’s rapid action against climate change if you look at this graph by British Petroleum it says that because the world’s rapid action against climate change. In the meantime, as shown in this graph, the cost of renewable energy has already begun to fall below the cost of fossil fuels, so Qatar will no longer be reliant on oil after 2050. This is the first issue that Qatar faces. The second issue is Qatar’s location. If you look at the map, you will notice that Qatar is surrounded by rivals from all directions. These countries are Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, and Perin. As you can see, these rivals include two of the most powerful oil countries on the planet, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

Qatar is racing against the clock to address three major issues by 2015

1) diversify Qatar’s economy away from oil.

2) preserve long-term security assurances even after the oil runs out.

3) boost its image among overseas investors.

How are they related to the World Cup? Sports washing is a PR approach used to clean up a country’s image in the eyes of the international audience. It’s propaganda, and it’s not restricted to Qatar. Sports washing has been employed since Hitler’s time. When Berlin hosted the 1936 Summer Olympics, it was the first time a host nation promoted its political ideology. German inflation peaked in 1923. As Mark’s worth fell, more notes were needed to buy an item. As the government printed more money to pay Roar strikers, wages and food became more expensive.

However, Hitler’s propaganda minister saw the Olympics as the best opportunity to show three things to the world:

1) they wanted to show what a new Germany under Hitler looked like.

2) they wanted to prove that Hitler’s dictatorship was far superior to the democracies in Europe.

3) they wanted to market the idea of the Aryan race to the world, and here’s the most ironic fact of all, Hitler released hundreds of pigeons in the cemeteries.

This is how sports washing works so ever since Hitler did it, other leaders have done it, for example, Africa is often ported as backward impoverished, and conflict attrition right in fact even. what Ethiopia looks like in our mind the picture is that of a Primitive Country. South Africa and Cape Town do you see the same kind of picture no right.

South Africa looks like in our cricket Dale stain, Jonty Rose, and fav Duplessy all play cricket in India, so we don’t have that kind of image of South Africa, which is the power of sports washing. This is why South Africa hosted the FIFA World Cup in 2010. This is what the sports washing strategy is used for, and if you look at Qatar, this is exactly what Qatar is doing. Just as Germany wanted to show off their new German developments, Qatar is hosting the World Cup to show the world that Qatar is more than just a desert that discovered oil, but a fully developed and modern country.

Russia wanted to sweep its War progress under the rug of World Cup publicity in 2018

Qatar wishes to sweep its human rights violations, homosexual abuses, and military funding issues under the rug, as well as World Cup publicity in 2022 because this is how the Dark Side of Qatar appears.

Evidence that Michael died or was abused while working on infrastructure projects in the final months before the tournament Migrant workers who built the massive soccer stadiums endured unsanitary conditions in extreme heat injuries and deaths have been reported now how successful Qatar will be in sports washing only time will tell and this brings you to the second compelling reason for Qatar hosting. the World Cup and that is foreign investments in the Volkswagen corporation.

The Royal Dutch Shell, Bank of America, and even Barclays Bank have all invested in Uber and expanded in Silicon Valley, as well as investing in New York real estate. Now, most people may wonder why Qatar is buying up so much property. Well, I’d like to make a separate video on that, but long story short, when you buy or fund any big leaks, when you buy giant properties in one particular country, you gain access to the most powerful people. Gas prom is a classic example of this. Gas prom is a Russian State Energy company and one of UEFA’s biggest supporters.

They’ve been an official UEFA commercial partner since 2012, and their current deal is worth around 30 million pounds per year UEFA. Gasparam, the Russian State Gas Company, was one of the biggest sponsors of ufi and other football events. A Russian oligarch had even bought Chelsea, one of the most valuable clubs in the world. By buying into these big leagues, Putin had built such a great relationship within the European Circle that German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder lobbied for Russian gas in Germany.

when Qatar buys so much property and Qatari billionaires get into the inner circle of the most powerful people in the world, they can put their money to good use by tweaking government policies all over the world to favor Qatar.

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