Garbage disposal system with a voice based IOT system

Garbage disposal system

Garbage disposal system uses camera to check any individual before the dustbin, uses voice directions for tossing right trash in the correct dustbin. With progress in human innovation we have seen a considerable improvement in the measure of waste created. Reusing is the best way to deal with this immense measure of waste. Yet, reusing expects trash to be isolated. Without isolation trash can’t be reused on the grounds that diverse kind of trash requires distinctive reusing measures.

Additionally, it is imperative to teach clients and train them each opportunity they draw close to the dustbin about guidelines about tossing the waste. For this reason, we plan a waste disposal framework that utilizes numerous dustbins with a voice based framework that addresses the client each time he she remains before the dustbin.

Garbage disposal system

The framework utilizes a camera to identify presence if any individual before the dustbin. On the off chance that an individual is recognized, the framework issues voice directions to the client about tossing right trash in the correct receptacle. On the off chance that the dustbin is full it trains the client to discover another dustbin to toss trash in.

To build up this framework we utilize a raspberry Pi regulator. The regulator is interfaced with a camera and a voice speaker for recognition and correspondence. The regulator gets dustbin level info utilizing ultrasonic level sensors each having LED markers interfaced to it. The level sensors are utilized to continually take care of the raspberry pi with container levels.

The raspberry pi is likewise interfaced with a Wifi module to communicate the level information over the web. The Level sensor boards are made to be effectively mounted over any dustbin. This permits the framework to be handily cheated any dustbin for moment establishment.

The information is sent over IOT to IOT gecko stage which shows the container level information over web. This sign can be utilized to alarm the specialists that the trash containers should be purged. In this way the framework computerizes trash isolation and level observing to help counter the trash emergency utilizing IOT.


  • Raspberry Pi
  • Wi-Fi Module
  • Ultrasonic Level Sensors
  • LED Indicators
  • Camera
  • Speaker
  • Wiring
  • Supporting Frame
  • Buttons and Switches
  • Screws and Bolts
  • Resistors
  • Capacitors
  • Diodes
  • IC’s
  • Transistors
  • Connectors
  • PCB

Applications of Garbage disposal system

  • Mall &Theatre
  • Airport, Metro and Railway Stations
  • School Colleges
  • Office and Public Places

Benefits of Garbage disposal system

  • Effective Garbage Segregation
  • Constant Instructions to Each User
  • Level Indications
  • Speech Based Operation
  • Garbage Full Indication
  • Easy to use
  • Automatic Operation


  • Requires Maintenance
  • Requires Power Supply