Fleex is starting with IT supplies and furniture

Meet Fleex, a French startup that was officially named Flexlab. The organization needs to make it simpler to give some money to your workers with the goal that they can spend it on a work area, an outer screen, some PC peripherals, a decent seat, and so forth Basically, Fleex needs to make it simpler to transform far off work into work.

On the off chance that you work for a major organization and can telecommute, odds are your manager has sent you an email saying that you can demand an outside screen or an office seat to make work simpler during the pandemic. Furthermore, in the event that you work for a little organization, it presumably relies upon your boss.

In any case, some IT and office offices currently need to manage a gigantic stock of gadgets and furniture that is spread around everybody’s homes. Setting up arrangements, requesting gateways and stock can be very troublesome, too.

Fleex essentially needs to assist you with that circumstance. The organization allows you to allot a month to month financial plan for your representatives. Individuals would then be able to decide to spend that financial plan on a few items and administrations.

The startup works straightforwardly with providers to assemble an item inventory. For the time being, Fleex is beginning with IT supplies and furniture.

Fleex at that point purchases supplies for you and sends stuff to your home — it deals with the full lifecycle of the items. At the point when a representative leaves the organization, they need to send hardware back to Fleex.

As should be obvious, Fleex has an alternate plan of action contrasted with your normal programming startup. The organization needs to designate some cash-flow to purchase work areas, seats, screens, printers, and so forth It needs to sort out whether representatives proficiently spend their financial plan or in the event that they leave some cash sitting on their Fleex account.

It needs to see if items can keep going for some time before they must be decommissioned. At the end of the day, it will take a touch of effort to sort out the unit financial aspects behind Fleex.

The organization is simply beginning and is working with a couple of organizations to evaluate its contribution. Up until now, Swile, Back Market and Shine have been utilizing Fleex. They distribute a month to month spending plan of €55 per representative overall.

An amount of $2 million has been raised by the Fleex in the seed round and has collaborated with eFounders, a European startup studio focused in on programming as-a-organization associations.