A single point and fast COVID testing system using IOT

COVID testing system using IOT

Taking into account current pandemic Coronavirus testing assumes a critical part in battling the pandemic so we made COVID testing system using IOT. Coronavirus teting is done in Coronavirus testing corners that give a safe Coronavirus testing climate. Presently the testing cycle includes the accompanying advances

  • Registering the individual name, contact no location physically
  • Taking a swab test of the individual
  • Adding the swab test number against the people enlisted subtleties
  • Sending the information alongside the examples to the lab
  • Manually illuminating (calling/sms) the patient about the outcome

Presently this is an extremely long cycle with a great deal of manual advances which can prompt human blunders on account of tremendous measure of tests coming in for testing. So here we propose a framework whereby we mechanize around 70 % of the manual section work and take into consideration a solitary point and quick Coronavirus testing framework utilizing IOT.

COVID testing system using IOT

Our framework comprises of a camera and speaker blend fueled by a raspberry pi based regulator and working hardware. We thus utilize a keypad and catch interfaced with the regulator for test individual simplicity.

The framework thoroughly confines the test individual from the client and furthermore makes the interaction quick and mistake free via computerizing enlistment measure as well.

With the new framework the testing interaction fills in as follows:

  • No need for independent enrollment, the framework utilizes camera for moment aadhar card check enlistment.
  • The Test individual enters the example number of the individual from inside the stall utilizing gave keypad.
  • The framework utilizes speaker to advise patient that his test is done and next individual to approach.
  • The information gathered when is moved over to Lab utilizing IOT consequently before next individual comes ahead.
  • The lab incharge can see the no of tests tried continuously and can refresh test results too on IOT worker.
  • When lab incharge refreshes test aftereffect of an example, a sms is in a flash shipped off the individual by the actual framework.

Accordingly, we completely robotize the Covid corner testing measure, making it quicker, more secure and blunder allowed to help battle the pandemic in a superior way.

Framework Size of COVID testing system using IOT: 30 x 25 x 35 cm


  • Raspberry Pi
  • Camera Module
  • Speaker
  • Keypad
  • Buttons and Switches
  • Electrical Panel Body
  • Resistors
  • Capacitors
  • Diodes
  • Transistors
  • LED’s
  • PCB
  • Wires and Connectors
  • Supporting Frame

Applications of COVID testing system using IOT:

  • Hospitals
  • Testing Labs
  • Outdoor testing


  • Easy to Test
  • Zero Contact
  • Faster testing
  • No Long Queues
  • No Manual Errors


  • Requires Power Supply
  • Requires Internet Connection