Common Idioms & Their Proper Usages in IELTS Speaking

It is imperative to think about the setting of to whom or what the maxim is coordinated towards.

1. straightaway – occurs at a specific time, exact time, precisely time.

The class will begin at 8:00 a.m. straightaway, so don’t be late!

2. to say the least – and significantly more; and more than has been referenced.

It appeared as though 20,000 individuals and afterward some were packed into the arena. Financial backers in the business got their cash back to say the least.

3. Discover my feet – to become open to accomplishing something.

Moving to another city was troublesome as first, however I before long discovered my feet.

4. peruse my/your/his psyche – W – alludes to the possibility that musings are known by another.

I was astonished he understood what I was arranging, similar to he could guess what me might be thinking

5. in a little while – a somewhat short measure of time.

I will be gone after a short time, however I trust you become familiar with a ton

6. Cost a lot – truly costly.

This dress is truly pleasant, however it cost me dearly.

7. Stubborn – not having any desire to change

My folks are very conventional and stuck in a rut

8. (the) main concern – most significant number or data.

My primary concern to do this work is independence from interfering!

Try not to give me the subtleties of the thing the customer said about the offer, simply reveal to me his baseline.

9. consume the 12 PM oil – keep awake until late, esp work late

We’re going to need to consume the 12 PM oil to complete this work by tomorrow.

10. consider it daily – end the work (or assignment) for the afternoon, (or night)

Indeed, it was pleasant talking with you, however it’s the ideal opportunity for me to consider it daily